Reminder: New Battleground Blitz Brawl with the *BLUES* (9/15)


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These queues are hot, steaming doo doo.

If you’d like to give feedback:

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Karie just told me the devs are all glad copied accounts.

Not sure what that means.

It means the devs are gonna likely kick my butt. With how crappy the queue is I probably won’t even get in. 22 mins already, 40 mins before I gave up last time.

I’m at 16 minutes Tank queue :slight_smile:

Thirty four mins…

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I dropped my tank queue. Going to re-queue it.

I um had the wrong ptr up. My friend told me. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m an idiot :smiley:

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now queue popped after 4mins. Maybe I was bugged.

MM damage pretty dumbo big into cloth, but really I only think they have a leg up on other classes on Kotmogu. All hunters are good for base spinning, but they still squish. I imagine MM’s range buff from Mastery will be nerfed for PvP.

Rogue/Druid taking the cake as best BGB classes. Pretty sure you can’t dispel Cyclone, which makes it clutch when used to nope healers out of teamfights.

Additionally, any class with the ability to reposition to bases as needed is a huge bonus for BGs. Druid/Demon Hunter/Evoker are all really good in this regard.

Out of curiosity, did any forum goers actually get into a game with any blues?

We wouldn’t know. They don’t have blue nameplates or anything.

I did two games before I had to run my community event, won both games.

Oh, I think the devs’ toons belong to a guild called Blizzard or something like that.