Reminder: Burning Crusade Classic Season 2 Ending Soon

I had to re-roll for my guild, and have farmed up a lot of honor and arena points. Been waiting to use them since feral druid gear gets much better S3 gear than S1/2.

Will we be able to by the S3 off-pieces and S2 discounted gear tomorrow? I really hope so so I can get rid of some honor and start farming more. Otherwise, going to have nothing to do for a few weeks…

Would be nice to get a confirmation!



Finally an update but are you going to provide us with details on the off-season now?


Why has no details been provided about the off season? and whether it will follow the same format as last season? with Arena points being converted to Honor at a later date and being able to buy gear with Arena points at a discount.

The End is hours away and we still have no details.


Why was this thread necessary? We needed another thread just for time stamps? You couldn’t edit that into the previous thread?

If you’re going to make a new thread… at least put something helpful in it.


They’re terrible at communicating.


Some answers to the questions above:

After Season 2 ends, Arena Season 1 gear will become available for Honor points, and Arena Season 2 gear will become available at a discount from the Area 52 vendors (and will no longer be gated by rating).

Later, when Season 3 starts, Arena points will be converted to Honor, and Season 3 gear will become available.


Everybody just chill. You’ll have your arena points after the season ends for at least a week. We’ll get the discounts in place at reset tomorrow.

All this stuff will sort itself out.

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Thank you so much for the clarification!

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Disable engi belt

All hail kaivax and these wonderful news :slight_smile:


When will rewards be given titles mounts etc?

10:00 pm Pacific Standard time = 12:00am Central time / 01:00am Eastern Time / 03:00am Brasilia time. That parenthesis is worded weird with the Midnight Central with no timing and then EST and Brasilia

Ok, but what about Oceanic? When does our season finish?

Thanks for the additional clarification Kaivax.

Thank you for letting us know!

Glad you waited until 7 hours before the end of the season to announce that it will end in the middle of the night. Most people thought it would end, at normal reset time, and some planned around doing games later tonight.
Now we have to scramble to do them before the deadline. Yes we could have done it before, but we didnt expect a 7 hour notice for reset.


Yep checks out.

“in a few hours at 10:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time (Midnight Central, 1:00 a.m. Eastern, 3:00 a.m. Brasilia Standard Time) .” ?

About freaking time we got an answer


I quick google search shows 5PM GMT+11 Tuesday, but that’s for US realms, I’m not sure if OCE is on a different timer. Given it’s in the same game client, I would guess it’s 5PM