Remember when Ion said that the Alliance would be getting unique flying mounts to rectify all the Horses we got?

(Thèón) #64

You do get the same content. You just refuse to do that content.

(Misbecky) #65

Nasa could have saved millions of dollars. We have a picture of a black hole right here and it only cost $15 a month.:grin:

(Spiçy) #66

I dont think you saw the green recolored mount were getting. Thats content altering good. Clearly the horde have the upper hand now


Says the guy who mains horde but hides as Alliance so he can - ALWAYS - diss the Alliance.
You play your hand too strong.

(Cyniel) #68

Trade you a horse… or two… or three…

(Thèón) #69

I switched a few months ago. I’m Horde now.


Dude you switched a lot earlier than that. You do nothing but bash Alliance.
So if you changed why are you still hiding behind an Alliance toon? Anyone who knows you knows that it doesn’t give you any cred.

(Akston) #71

The Alliance would freak out if they got the same amount of attention the Horde got in their story.

This expansion? Anduin dies.

In a book before next expansion? Genn dies.

Velen replaces Anduin. Next expansion he dies.

Tyrande replaces Velen in the following expansion. She then immediately retires and we don’t hear about her for a decade.

Pretending like the “branching quests” the Horde get are actually content…when its the same exact quest. And none of it actually matters.

(Thèón) #72

I bash whoever I disagree with. If Horde started claiming Alliance bias I would bash them for it, same way I bash Horde bias threads.

I swapped to Horde a few months ago for the Zandalari druids.

Why do I hide behind an Alliance toon? Because I prefer the profile icon on this toon. I don’t do it for credibility, at all.


I have NEVER seen you bash horde. Even when you “mained Alliance” LOL you never stood up for the Alliance and never attacked the horde.

(Thèón) #74

I disagree with Horde posters all the time. If you only look at the Horde bias threads and see me disagreeing there then of course you will only see me bashing Alliance. They’re the only ones claiming Horde bias when there is none.

(Revannia) #75

Do you remember what mount this is as I don’t remember doing that in Hinterlands and google isn’t being very helpful right now. The only mount I raised as Alliance was the Winterspring Frostsaber and Horde has a raptor equivalent to that one. If there’s another one, I’d like to get it. Thanks!

(Revannia) #76

OP wasn’t the one that originally brought the chopper up, someone else did. I agree, that one is an oddball because of the legal restrictions.


Actually, the bee mount is the Alliance counterpart to Kua’Fon. It was datamined recently, go check it out.

Also, remember that the Alliance has access to recolors of every single one of our reputation mounts, but we don’t have access to a recolor of any of yours.

(Mcdeathpants) #78

If you’re referring to the wowhead post that had no datamining and was just speculation based on some reputation levels, sure.


It had datamining. That’s how they found out about those reputation levels.

(Grayphus) #80

I just hope to be disappointed again!


Weird flex but okay

(Ollin) #82

Except, Ion says that is not the case. Are you saying that he’s lying?

(Sorelai) #83

Ion says a lot of things in interviews. It doesn’t make it happen.