Remaining Horde about to xfer off

So the last few horde left on the server, either from classic or who boosted seeing the queue times, have basically all called it quits. The server ration here is ridiculous, and besides the fact you get camped and ton, and can’t tag mobs in any area due to the ally presence, there aren’t enough horde to do any PVE end game (or dungeons). The new blood we got from the boosts mainly xferred off, and the last 20-30 of us are all thinking so as well.

Blizz i know you won’t read this, but it would have been nice if you could have done something here. A free xfer, either for more horde on, or for the last of us to move off. But this population difference is shameful.

If you are new horde thinking of rerolling a toon here cause its “medium pop”, don’t since its all alliance.

Later nerds

I need you here so I can mind control buff you and ruffle your hair, pls stay

You seem new here or you’re trolling. Originally, Heartseeker was fairly well-balanced during early Classic launch. Many of us came to Heartseeker through a free transfer from other imbalanced servers that had a huge Horde advantage (Skeram, I’m looking at you). Instead of cutting off this free transfer, Blizzard continued to allow Alliance to transfer to the server for free which caused a massive imbalance on both the server they came from and the server they went to. Despite this, Alliance were pretty friendly with the Horde and rarely was there an instance where Horde were “bullied.” The Horde realized the state of the server and proceeded to transfer off. Heartseeker had essentially one Horde guild that was active within the last year and a half or so, which many of us Alliance players had alts in. A lot of people stopped playing around AQ40, which left that guild struggling to recruit and keep their numbers up, thus they transferred off as well. Several Horde guilds have come over with the intention to annoy/#MakeHeartseekerGreatAgain and ultimately failed, transferring off the server because they’re just so vastly outnumbered.

The poor H:A ratio has been an issue essentially since the beginning of Heartseeker’s history. This is not new, and will probably never change. Horde who make a new character or transfer here know what they’re getting into. If you don’t do your research before rerolling on a 100% Alliance server as a Horde player and expect to actually be able to play, you need to plan a lot better.

Additionally, many Alliance are transferring off because we aren’t happy with the imbalance, either. It’s also left the community a bit. . .stale. I will likely be transferring off myself sooner rather than later. That sense of community is important to me, and Heartseeker is certainly lacking it even on Alliance side. But let’s be real: Blizzard will do nothing about it, so do some damn research before figuring out where you want to call your next home. :wink:

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Come on Blizzard, do the right thing here and fix this!

This server was NOT especially imbalanced when I created my first character here and played up to 60, etc. I come back to a situation where I cannot do most of the “main activities” of the game (dungeons, getting decent gear, enchanting my gear even). This is not my fault nor that of any other player in my situation. I didn’t roll on this server knowing this would happen. The fault lies entirely with Blizzard. Now I’m a bit of a blizz fan boi - I’ve played blizzard games since warcraft I, through diablo I, WoW since early days (long before TBC first came out), etc., and loved them all. This situation is unacceptable and unfair to the returning player. I should NOT have to fork out $25 per character (I currently have one at 66 and another at 60, so I need to transfer at least two chars) just to be able to take part in standard content of the game. Come on Blizzard, do the right thing here and fix this! There are several easy solutions, such as server merger or at least free transfers to players in this situation. You screw up, don’t ask me to pay more. Don’t turn me into a blizz hater.

Additional background:
I’ve been on this server for some time. I got to 60 and after a while there wasn’t much to do (BGs weren’t implemented yet) and yes, there were somewhat more alliance and the repetitive ganking was annoying, but it wasn’t that imbalanced - there were still plenty of horde and easy to find groups for dungeons and raids. I came back for tbc (a few weeks before it started) to an almost empty server horde side, and it has only gotten worse. There is no AH (max of about 100 items listed at any one time, so nothing to buy, and nothing sells), no one to group with for dungeons, etc. I can’t get anything enchanted, I can’t even level enchanting unless I level blacksmithing all the way just to make the rods), etc.

horde mains malding