Relocated looking for [H] Wpvp guild

Just leveled to 120 and looking for a PvP guild. I ran on Emerald Dream in an all dwarf guild and had a blast but Classic got in the way of Retail fun. I eventually want to bring all my alts to this server and was wondering if I could get recommendations on horde pvp guilds. RP or non-RP.
Thanks in advance.

Hey there and welcome to WrA.

RP-PvP and WPvP is quite stale here. This is due to a combination of reasons, the two most important being a) game story and b) time. The unpopularity of BfA’s game mechanics coupled with the story has driven motivation to do either RP-PvP or WPvP into the dust. There isn’t much incentive to do it, even now. There’s not a whole lot of honor points to farm or tangible reward that encourages folks to do it. Only one side gets that ability, thus turning war mode into the trashcan that it is now. It is especially important for the shard the WrA keeps getting thrown into.

RP-PvP is niche and right now pretty impossible to do because of the aforementioned game story. Most campaigns would just be considered all-out-war instead of skirmishes.

I have seen a few PvP-centric guilds but I don’t think they focus on WPvP either.

Here is a link to the Horde Guild directory, and I hope you find something that fits.

Yeah i think you might be on the wrong faction for PVP on this server my friend.

Well, maybe he will be the one to get some Horde RP-PVP going to balance things out!

Welcome to WrA Silvrn! Best of luck in your search, and feel free to whisper if ya need anything or have other questions!

I look forward to the Challenge, I used to run around with from cata up had a lot of fun harassing silvermoon and orgrimarr.

The Sunfury Battalion is a Blood Elf only WPvP/RP guild and we actually do events like attacking cities. Look for Aeythyr if you’re interested.