Relics of the Past should make the items soulbound

Currently on Beta it is possible to craft Relics of the Past I-V for old professions. These change the level of the item, and may be used during crafting when old items are made.

If this makes it into live, this unfortunately means that auction house users will have to craft five times as many items using all the marks to accommodate for all the different levels. This would result in thousands more auctions for some players. Difficulties would be caused both for individuals trying to post so many auctions and the community as a whole because the AH API would be clogged up.

Here is my suggestion for the Relics of the Past. I think that these are actually a really cool system that is likely to offer players greater customisation options. However, these should not be put into the game as they currently are. I would suggest that instead of all professions being able to craft them, they should be made available only to Shadowlands enchanters to be crafted for all other professions. Further, rather than being used on items during crafting, these should be one-time consumables to be used on already-crafted items. If used, they should make the item soulbound and not able to be put on the auction house. Old professions should only be able to craft one version of any item, rather than five with different level requirements. If players wish to change the level, they should be able to do so making the item soulbound.

These changes would solve all the issues that I have discussed above.

I hope Blizzard addresses this.

This is a really important issue that needs attention. Think about this. There are currently already basically Relics of the Past already in the game in that crafted items have various levels depending on the expansion. And there is no demand for those items. So introducing five times as many items with Relics of the Past would simply increase supply when there is no demand for those items in the first place. Having to post so many auctions with no demand would put unnecessary strain on the servers and be much more difficult for those posting the auctions.

Edit: others (on Wowhead) have also pointed out that the items made with Relics of the Past have much higher vendor sell prices for almost no extra crafting cost. This would cause massive inflation, which needs to be addressed.

If Relics of the Past are kept, they should not increase the vendor sell price, and make the item soulbound.

I personally like these the way they are currently. It makes older materials relevant again, and gives crafting a purpose beyond just leveling and forgetting them. Don’t fix what isn’t broken.


So instead of making all the crafters more profitable only enchanter get to profit?


Every old material (except for perhaps some Argus materials) have a relevant use that can be exploited to make massive profits. Relics of the Past (as they currently are) would not fix the problem of people not knowing how to craft for profit in this game.

Yes, this would be a perfectly acceptable compromise, as it would reduce the number of items (that are very unlikely to be used by anyone) posted on the auction house. In any case, the profit for enchanters would be minimal, and items made with Relics of the Past (as they currently exist) are unlikely to be profitable anyway taking into account auction house fees. Relics of the Past being an enchanter-only craft would fit the theme of the profession of providing enhancements for items. Making an enchanter is also an option if this is such a concern.

But I think that this argument about this being for enchanters only misses the bigger picture. Which is that Relics of the Past should make the items soulbound, to eliminate worthless junk being posted on the auction house. It doesn’t really matter whether they are only made by enchanters or not.

The AH will be fine People will stop posting if they do not sell. And relics are a Buff to the crafting profession, only letting one of them make them would help almost no one. Other then greedy Enchanters.


Please stop trolling in my threads, reported.

I agree. I don’t understand why there is such a need to try and remove choices from others.

I love the relic idea. It gives crafters something they asked for.


I don’t understand how my suggestion would be removing choices from others, although I would be happy to hear how it does and tinker with it. Also, I don’t really know anyone who asked for this – could you please link to someone doing so before these were announced? I’m also not quite sure what is meant by “crafters” – I have thousands of crafted items posted on the auction house from every profession and apparently my opinion doesn’t count.

What makes you think I don’t sell crafted gear.

Your opinion is just your opinion.


Again, I was hoping that you would address my points that I signposted in my previous post rather than vaguely reply to assert your position without any attempt to reconcile our interests.

I am busy playing another game. I actually don’t see a point in trying to ‘reconcile our interests’ because we are just two people. Neither one of us can speak for the millions other players out there.

I vote no to this. I like the relic system, I think it is necessary and heck no to making enchanters rich.


Thank you for making that clear :smiley: I think I am happy to move on.

I would like the ability to make gear for my alts without having to find a middle man. I am not concerned with selling items I make on the AH. I am only concerned with the ability to gear my alts. The system you suggest would destroy my ability to do that. This is why I disagree with your system/plan.


You have to find so-called “middle men” all the time for buying herbs, pigments, inks, leather, ore, cloth, heavy leather, cloth bolts, smelted bars, gems, consumables, and miscellaneous crafting reagents such as belt buckles or frost oil. Having to cooperate with others to craft is a part of the game. In Beta they are bringing back smelting for miners in SL, so you will have to find “middle men” for any craft requiring bars. Interestingly, there will also be bars made by enchanters! So not only will you need bars to be smelted by miners but also processed by enchanters before being able to use them for blacksmithing.

I’ll also add that in SL there will be much more consumables from almost every profession, such as oils, sharpening stones, weightstones, gems, enchants, flasks, potions, glyphs, etc… This means that even if you completely ignore crafting, you will have to trade with others all the time to do the most basic activities such as raiding or running mythic dungeons.

All that being said, relics being made by enchanters only would not deviate from Blizzard’s profession design philosophy.

I have done some more checking of old professions and how they would interact with relics of the past. Some professions such as inscription and alchemy are not able to even craft relics, even though they have items that could be upgraded. However, even more fundamentally than that, many crafts from BfA, Legion, WoD and MoP require either soulbound materials acquired from playing for a long time (Expulsom, Blood of Sargeras) or cooldowns (e.g. most WoD crafts). Such crafts are not compatible with quickly making gear on the spot for levelling. This goes to show that forcing new systems such as relics onto existing professions that were designed to be a certain way across different expansions is unlikely to work as a catch-all solution.

If this was the design philosophy then only one crafter would be able to make them. They clearly want BS, LW and tailoring to be more viable to more people.

There is a difference in needing a little give and take while making one item. ( Also those give and take items tend to be worth the give and take between crafters.) And needing a whole other profession to make yours useful to anyone past a certain level is a whole other thing.

There’s already multiple profitable Craft -> Vendor routes in the game. Unless the vendor prices skyrocket to hundreds or thousands, this will simply enforce a price floor on Relics and their mats, just like it typically does with the existing cases. GPH still needs to be high enough to justify doing this in bulk to begin with.

I looked at all 5 Relics and saw nothing about this, so I’m guessing they’re buried in the comments of specific items that are getting weird vendor amounts. Can you give some examples, please?

Most of the Relics are most likely not going to have any real value. A vast majority of crafted items in the game are equal to or worse than gear of similar iLevel from other sources. Vanilla pieces tend to be the exception, due to extremely weird stat allocation.

The only Relic’d items that are likely to have any value are the Level 50 one, and anything that boasts an unusual effect or overbudget stats that also sits at the top of a PvP bracket. Regardless if we stick with X0-X9 or X0-X4, X5-X9 brackets, Relics scale to X5 and are likely to be middle or intro level gear in those PvP brackets. Dark Iron Pulverizer and a few other quirky items will probably be the only candidates to have Relic value, but I’m pretty sure most will already craft at a high level. Most of the very sought-after twinking items, such as those from BC, are already at level 50.

In PvE, especially with the item squish and faster leveling, going the extra mile to squeeze out the extra 1 point of crit is probably not going to be worth the time, effort, or money. Most items are not going to have value at any level except for Relic 5. Crafted gear will continue to be targeting the transmog market and roleplayers, thus ideally crafted at the lowest level possible as that makes them the most accessible for the buyer AND the cheapest deposit cost for the seller.

I could be wrong, but I can’t imagine for a second that any reasonable person is going to quintuple their crafted item inventory because of Relics. I won’t be; if I use Relics as a source of profit at all, it will be targeting specific items at specific level brackets that I know from experience or research have practical value.

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