Relentless 9/10H Tue/Thur

Relentless is recruiting for Shadowlands!

Relentless has been raiding since Legion with a handful of close friends. Our current raid days are Tuesday and Thursday, 6:45PM-10PM (7:45PM-11PM EST) server time. We are currently 9/10H and looking forward to pushing into mythic raiding. Also, we enjoy pushing mythic + as a guild.

Currently recruiting: Mage, Disc/Holy Priest, Hunter, Rogue, DK (dps/tank), DH (dps/tank) and Monk (all roles). Exceptional players of any class will be considered also.
Please have some raiding experience in Shadowlands and/or previous expansions. We expect raiders to come prepared with knowledge of fights and appropriate consumables.

If interested, contact me on Bnet: Sandwich1219#1653 or KevinAntao7#1268

BUMP 10/10 Heroic now.

yasss! 10/10H pushing mythic soon. all exceptional players will be considered!

Hey there! Are you guys recruiting disc priests at all? Pretty new to this expac (was 11/12 M Nyalotha in last expac) trying to get my footing back now. Was a main holy priest but switched over to disc. Haven’t done too much heroic but definitely a quick learner, former mythic type of raider here! HMU if interested!


in game name is galaxygodess, didn’t switch on here after a race change

bump! still looking for players. downed sire again last night

still in need of players, starting mythic tomorrow!

2/10M! still looking! any and all classes