**<Relentless> 8/9M Recruiting! (RDPS/MW Monk)**

or its your butt

NIght Moves

Not sure about lunch

aximum shekels

We are still recruiting

a one man bumping crew

a man bump oneing crew

and then??

good weekend

Every bump is better than the last.

Havoc DH is a spec and class.

‘I’d rather be applying’ bumper sticker

Nudes and sandwiches

Baked wafer

I am looking forward to seeing the results.

My guildies are as reliable as my chuwi tablet.

Joe and Beth are going to the grocery store to buy produce. Apples are $3 a bag and bananas are $1.50 per group. If Joe has $2 and Beth has $4, how many apples and bananas can they buy?

2 bags of apples, f the bananas

bump the darn thing

bringing home the bagels