Release date? Asking for a friend (who am I kidding, it's for me)

I’d rather he post constant jibberish than you ever post again.

Soon Fresh

I don’t even know who you are. Sorry you fail to make any lasting impression.

I’m going for 23 November 2004


Good! Keep it that way - don’t commit to a date, take your time. We want a perfect red wine, not a Heineken.


Hopefully there’s a beta, gives people a chance to check stuff, and the mod community will want a beta too, to test their work for the launch.

Maybe even just a stress test. Thats months and months from now though.

Fixed it for ya.

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anniversary of classic… so… November 23, 2019. yep it is settled.

They’ve stated summer of 2019.

Not to say it won’t be pushed back, but this is the current target window.


the absolute madman

Isn’t it already summer 2019 in Australia?


Wut? At least change to a troll avatar next time.

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You know, there was a time where this was cute and filled me with happiness because it meant the team was doing a quality job.

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Which part?

The “soon” or the “10 character limit lol”?

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alt 0153

I think we should check with the new CFO before getting excited.

yes . this blue post is fake news! jk <3.

If you could get back to developing games with the SoonTM mindset again instead of rushing everything your games would be so much better.

Frankly I hope we see a lot more “Soon” responses from Blizzard once more, but considering your Activision overlords I doubt it.

Doesn’t feel like bfa is rushed at all, its just segmented.

Well releasing completed expansions is probably for the best instead of expansions incomplete like cataclysm and wod.
Wrath was kinda incomplete the fly combat was never in it.