Regional AH and Cross realm mail

So I was playing this toon as alliance and most of my toons are horde. On my server (ZulJin) it is basically dead (or French Canadian) if you are alliance. So I was considering a server transfer. You call out a boss and sit there for basically ever until someone horde side makes a call out and people actually show up.

The change to same account cross server mail was awesome. But I cant take advantage of it on a biased server. So I basically had to switch back (only did it due to the “Sale”) to not feel handicapped when playing.

I understand it was so you can’t disrupt another server’s economy. So that’s why it existed, but now that the AH will be completely regional and not server based, allow cross server mail for the same account.

I think it’s unlikely they will allow cross-server mail since the AH will not be completely regional… only “commodities” will be region-wide; things like flasks, pots, food, gems that are always in high demand for raid/M+ groups throughout an expansion. The change will not improve low-population servers saddled with high-cost non-commodities like legendary vessels, non-legendary crafted gear, pets, mounts, etc.