Region Lock

With Gladiator mounts becoming available in Shadowlands, as well as the customization and level changes.
Is there any information about characters being able to region transfer? I’ve played in US servers for 10 years and now live in Europe and would like to keep my competitive progress alive there also: Unobtainable Transmogrifications and Gladiator Mounts/Tabards.

If you’re going to tell me to pay money and time again to get something unobtainable, at least make a Shop option for it since gender changes will be free now.


Unfortunately that wouldn’t be information that CS could provide. You’ll want to keep an eye out either in the General Discussion forums or on the main WoW page as that’s where any announcements would be made.

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Tried making my post there but I wasn’t able to make a new topic in the [In Development] section.

But I’d rather be able to keep my question alive knowing that achievements and/or payments are still being region-locked.

If possible could a Moderator move my thread to the proper category.

Thank you,

The reason you cannot post in the in development section is it is the alpha and beta forum. You need beta access to post there.

Posting here will not get your request seen. Devs do not come to this forum for ideas. You would be much better off posting in the GD

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No, Aintchu, we don’t have any information about the potential of being able to transfer characters between regions. I won’t say it won’t happen, because I’ve been surprised before, but as far as I know making something like that would be fairly complex, and may not be entirely plausible.

That said, CS wouldn’t have any information about potential plans. If it is something that our Developers are thinking about/working on, they would be the ones that would let folks know, usually in a news blog.


That’s the public information about Gladiator mounts.

Under Miscellaneous is a statement about NA/EU servers.

Technical Issues: There are a lot of complications preventing US and EU servers from being merged from a technical perspective and international exchange rates.