Regeneratin' (Zandalari racial)

(Abruek) #21

A 3 second Stun and knock back can come in handle in PvE as well, monks bring ring of peace for the knock back effect, I can see the same for an add in a raid.

Kultiran’s are strong and will release strong, meanwhile Zandalari will likely get nerfed quite a bit.

(Kaivax) #22

It’s worth noting:

  1. These values are not final.
  2. The aspect of this where it is not interrupted by damage is unintended.
  3. We’re discussing it.

Thank you.

100% health over 4 seconds most OP racial
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100% health over 4 seconds most OP racial
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Zandalari racials, what in the actual
Zandalari Trolls Way Too Strong?
100% health over 4 seconds most OP racial
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Zandalari racials, what in the actual
Zandalari racials, what in the actual
Zandalari racials, what in the actual
Regeneratin' is not that OP
(Mingz) #23

Poor decision to make the values so crazy OP in a beta and create such frustration in many.

Even if it gets interrupted, a heal that is better than a health pot every 1.5 minutes is way way OP.

(Abruek) #24

Thank you for chiming in. Though will Kultiran’s having the Highmountain versatility, but better, be looked at as well?

Isn’t that what testing is for?

(Setback) #25

I would hope then if you are planning on over-nerfing or watering it down. Equal treatment is gone into BOTH allied races.

You can’t release one that have jokes of a racial like nightborne then toss the newest and best PVP racial in game on other side. That would be silly.


How is Kul’tiran racial OP? it’s a joke like all the other racials, just a flavor bonus, or you think a single target stun on a 3 min cooldown is game breaking?


That stun in PVP is insane, wat?

Knock away as a mage, cast ring of ice while stunned. EZ combo.

Knock healer out of LOS with a stun while bursting their DPS.

Pandas are actually really good with their paralysis. Id say Knockback plus stun is amazing.

(Abruek) #28

I went over why Kul’tiran’s were very strong here, maybe not OP but very strong

(Tidestorm) #29

If anyone ever needed evidence of Horde bias (especially in the context of PvP)…

the fact that they even considered full health recovery on a 1.5 min cooldown would be it.


If its removed by damage than versus any dot class its useless, like what?

You wont even get 25% vs UH, Assassin.

And against Locks, Druids and Shadow Priests I doubt youd get any decent healing even without antiheals.


25% isn’t worth it. If you nerf it that hard just delete it.


A 1.5 minute cool down yet Everytime a kul’tiran takes damage they heal for 2% of it.

That’s incredibly useful. Nerf that as well please.


Of it’s interrupted by damage leave it at 100%. You’ll never get off a full charge unless you use CC on it

(Setback) #34

I get you probally have never been 2400+ and you play a rogue so I won’t bash you.

Every other class in the game gets a huge benefit from having a on demand stun. especially since said classes often have high stun cds of 30-45 seconds or higher.

I won’t sit here and break down arena past even say 1800MMR but I will say expect to see plenty of kultirans and people changing to them.

(Whiskeyjack) #35

Here’s a fun math exercise. And you can scale to whatever number you want.

Let’s pretend you’re taking 50k damage per second.

2% of 50k is 1k. So you’re healing for 1k over 4 seconds. So every second you are being healed for 250. Two hundred and fifty healing per second.

Are you trying to tell me that 250 hps is in any way impressive or game-changing?

It may as well not even be there because no tank will notice it.

You can scale the numbers to 100k dps intake and the healing provided will be a crummy, inconsequential 500 hps.

No tank in the game is going to think “Oh man that 500 hps sure would have saved me after taking 100k dps.”

(Mingz) #36

Horde players - stop just assuming people pvp and thus these talents are amazing for the alliance. We know PVP is a horde thing mainly and maybe this is a bone the devs figured they could toss to the alliance to balance out horde and alliance player base. Will NOT work because for me the stuns are already way overboard and takes the fun out of pvp for me. It will not make me pvp. Plus with DR that 3 seconds might not even end up being a .5 second stun in all reality.

The free 100% channel heal on the other hand is great in PVE content and will be the go to race bar none.


Anyone saying these values are fine as long as it’s changed so it breaks with damage has questionable intellect at best. 100% heal is retarded, regardless of cooldown and breaking on damage.
I main Rogue. If I change to Zandalari I’ll be able to blind people, maybe pop cloak to remove dots and then proceed to heal to 100% hp essentially giving my Rogue a pseudo lay on hands so long as they don’t have bleeds which can’t be removed by cloak. “Of it’s interrupted by damage leave it at 100%.” is the most retarded thing I’ve read the whole day.

In other news, how on earth did this even make to ptr in this state? What on earth is Blizzard doing that THIS is what they’ve got to put on the ptr right now? What a massive disappointment.


You know that arena is just a very small part of the game right? and Yeah i’ve played in the 2200-2300 bracket back in the day. And if this ability is that broken why isn’t every pvper a padaren that has a little incapacitate on a even shorter cooldown?


And think of all the cool down you had to use in order to do that.

It’s a choice, blow 3 cooldowns for a heal or just burn it for 25% in a pinch. If it breaks on damage it’s fine.


What cooldowns? Blind and Cloak? I already use them to begin with. They are not there to look pretty on my bar. Blind and cloak so I can restealth is something I already do on regular basis.

The difference is now I have lay on hands with it. As a rogue.