Regeneratin' (Zandalari racial)


Compare it to Gift of the Naaru, which has a 3 minute cooldown and only heals 20% health over 5 seconds.

You’ll need to either reduce Regeneratin’ to 20% and increase its cooldown to 3 minutes, or massively increase Gift’s healing and reduce Gift’s cooldown to 1.5 minutes.

(Tyraidhe) #243

Keep in mind Gift of the Naaru can be cast on others and is instant.

Zandalari Troll Regeneratin’ requires a minimum of 1 second on the channel to get any healing effect (25%) and is self cast only.

I do feel the CD on Regeneratin’ is a bit low and needs to be increased to 3.5 minutes. That would make it useful for clutch situations and not a spam on cooldown.


Okay, how about Regeneratin’ vs. Cannibalism, then?

(Tyraidhe) #245

Well Cannibalism is on a 2 min CD and if you didn’t notice i suggested a relatively long CD for Regeneratin’ at 3.5 minutes (could be argued all the way up to a 10 min CD racial if otherwise left as is).

In the end I was purely trying to show how bad it is to compare Regeneratin’ to Gift of the Naaru as it’s an apples to oranges comparison.

Using Cannibalism is a much better comparison, but then Forsaken when you compare all of the racials also have Will of the Forsaken, Touch of the Grave (not sure on the proc rate as i don’t have an undead toon).

Zandalari Troll has Embrace of Bwonsamdi which is a blatant copy of Touch of the Grave.

Which leaves will of the forsaken. which would you rather have, Will of the Forsaken and Cannibalize, or Pterrordax Swoop and Regeneratin’?

Edit - I didn’t bother with comparing City of Gold and Shadow Resist as i didn’t feel they were worth mentioning in the comparision. 1% shadow resist vs 2% more gold from drops.

(Bigbilly) #246

My ele shaman can top himself pretty quickly. Ret pallies can too. Many tank and DPS specs can actually, with very short or no cooldown.

Obviously 100% is too much for a racial and they are nerfing it but no point in overreacting

(Kaivax) #247

On the PTR, Regeneratin’ should now stop channeling upon taking damage.


If per example a Paladin is using bubble and cast the racial? Will the ability still going on?

If so, what about shield that absorb damage? Like Power Word: Shield? Will it still channel if PW:S is absorbing the damage or until the shield is gone?


So it went from OP as ---- to completely worthless in 1 change. How about just lower the % it healed for instead of making it worthless.

(Whizzurd) #250

This entire concept for this trait is complete bullocks.

(Zadck) #251

Is this the only change being made? It still has a lower cooldown than Cannibalize, does not require a corpse, ticks twice as fast (so it is actually viable during combat) and heals 100% vs 35% in less than half the time. Or should Forsaken expect a massive buff to Cannibalize? (IE not breaking during damage, healing 100% every tick.)

(Zadck) #252

How can you possibly think that? It is monstrously overpowered still if they don’t also change the numbers. It has a lower cooldown, half the tickrate and several times the healing of Cannibalize without requiring specific corpses. This is still combat viable and absolutely trashes every other racial in the entire game. And they can still spec into Touch of the Grave too. There’s no reason to play any other race if this goes live.

(Zulzamba) #253

I see. So, Zandalari have, basically, first aid.

(Zadck) #255

No, they have a version of Cannibalize that is combat viable because it ticks twice as fast (every second), while healing 100% vs 35% in less than half the time, all while having a shorter cooldown and not requiring specific kinds of corpses. This is still absurdly OP.

(Zulzamba) #256

You have already said that once, but they do not have Will of the Forsaken. So… I don’t see why you are so upset. Now, if they had all your racials AND this, I could understand getting your panties in a bind over it, but if I have to somehow get the hell out of combat in order to use this, then, I don’t see the big deal.

(Zadck) #257

Sorry, I haven’t posted since the forum overhaul and don’t totally understand the threading.

I’m supposed to feel like my race is still worthwhile because I have Will of the Forsaken when another race is being made that has a better version of two of my three actually useful racials? Feedback to blizzard, I don’t, I want my race to have something special and unique to it, and not having to buy food was one of those things, could you at least do something like remove the cooldown on Cannibalize?

(Zulzamba) #258

No, I mean, who cares if your race is viable? It’s all a matter of opinion and a matter of what works best where. In the end, play what you want? I have 30 lvl 110+ Darkspear, now I will have several Zandas. I have none of these for the racials. I play what I like, you know, for “fun”.

(Zadck) #259

This won’t be opinion, most bosses have a swing timer that would easily allow you to get multiple ticks of this racial off during combat if you don’t have a DoT on you. If it goes live with the current numbers it is way, way out of whack with everything else. This is practically an extra tank cooldown.

(Zulzamba) #260

If you say so, I like how you can flip your opinion into fact. Must be a Forsaken racial I missed.

(Severitas) #261

A burst heal on a 90s CD, even if only for 25% of your health bar, is absolutely is worth a tank defensive cooldown. As you well know, damage taken only matters if it kills you (which tends to be burst). Something like GotN’s HoT, or in your example, Frenzied Regen, are weak relative to direct heals because the benefit is spread out over time and counteracts burst damage poorly.

As I implied before, one tick of Regeneratin’ would be almost be on par with reactionary emergency heal CDs like Vamp Blood and Last Stand. If one is skilled enough to fit in two ticks, it’s not even a question.

But if you don’t want to compare it to a tank defensive cooldown, compare it to the Warlock Healthstone (which is a friggin’ class-defining utility). Use Regeneratin’ for 2s, and it’s healed for more, and even if you only manage 1 tick, it’s available more than once per combat period!

EDIT(s): Rewording arguments and I don’t know how to use these new forums.


You can complain about how OP the trait is all you want, it won’t get heavily nerfed until they get that sweet sweet race change money.

We all know this is why.