Regeneratin' (Zandalari racial)

(Feronar) #1

I got on the PTR and copied and race changed my Horde paladin to Zandalari troll, and tried out the racials. The new Regeneratin’ racial is ridiculously OP compared to others. Every 1.5 minutes you can heal to 100% via a 4 second channel that can be used in combat and does not get interrupted by damage.

Alliance Participation is down

I agree that it’s OP, and I’m sure it will be nerfed to the ground once everyone complains about it. Maybe a heal for like 25% over 4 seconds every 15 minutes is more reasonable.


Just make it like a monk’s Zen Meditiation, can be interrupted by damage

(Smig) #4

If not a typo (wich I believe is the case), it will get nerfed.

Everyone just chill.


Everyone will complain about it because it is a glaring over-site on the part of Blizzard. If Blizzard remains stubborn and says our way or the highway then expect A LOT of Paladins forced to change races if this this goes live.


You shouldn’t tell people to chill in a general discussion. xD They have a point that it’s a full heal that’s fairly short cooldown. The forums are here to give feedback to blizzard. Just assuming blizzard should know how to fix things without having our help and feedback when we are the ones playing it won’t help them fix it. They need our help to understand that things need to be tuned. Not for us to stay quiet until it comes out then have everyone say “Why wasn’t it nerfed!? What’s blizzard thinking!”

(Nissinn) #7

It will get changed to probably break on direct damage, if not it will be a mandatory race to play with how powerful a full heal is. Imagine having a raid full of zandalar trolls on vectis to heal off the absorb dot for example.

(Salana) #8

Completely left field with this. Shouldn’t even been typed into the PTR build. Logically it should be closer to gift of the naaru. However Blizzard if you’re listening here’s some free advice. You can keep the racial the way it is provided that you add a downside to it.

Getting interrupted, damaged, or cancelling your channel causes you to suffer a debuff that then encumbers your gameplay afterwards (like being too weak because you burned all of your body’s resources trying to heal yourself) for like a minute or so. Or instead of that add flat out an exhaustion debuff of say 2% less dps for a 30 seconds, sort of like a recovery period (like how we all need as mortals after we get sick and get patched up) if you successfully finish channeling the racial. The numbers as they are the PTR can then stay as is mostly.

Ion and the rest have repeated stated that you all wanted to add more decision making when it comes for us players to use our abilities. Aka adding the gcd for a movement ability, immunity, or healing ability to put on your tank. Now would be a good time to walk the walk especially for facials. Plus it would add a bit of rpg into the game as well.

(Pouljikhan) #9

Yeah, not sure why all the new races get significantly better racials.

(Abruek) #10

Race change sales obviously. Hell Kultiran racials are like Highmountain and regular Tauren mashed together.


It just needs to be broken by being damaged. IT will become only usefull in PvP against non Dots and in PvE will force people to go where they cant get damaged, which in both cases means your usually getting topped off anyway.

(Mingz) #12

yeah, there is no horde favoritism at all with the current developers.

no one cares about a +5 to tradeskills or hold your breath a bit more. LOL

They really showed their love of horde on this one.

breaking damage will still be a so what, when you get 25% for a second at least.

it will be the go to for all raiding.

(Abruek) #13

As much as I agree the Regenerate racial is over powered, don’t forget the fact that Kultiran’s other racials are very, very strong in thier own right. Especially since most of them are a two for one, it’s like they have 9 racials active at once.


That’s worse than Draenei, which is the closest analogue

(Mingz) #15

Which one of these are as near as powerful as a 100% heal every 1.5m for a 4 second channel in a raid environment? Haymaker will not be useable in a boss fight for example. You know it will have no effect on a boss. 1% damage reduction for a select few bosses means NOTHING.

  • **[Child of the Sea] Hold your breath for 50% longer and swim 10% faster.
  • [Brush It Off] - Increases Versatility by 1%. When you take damage, heal for 2% of that amount over 4 sec.
  • **[Jack of All Trades] - Increases all Tradeskills by 5.
  • [Haymaker] - Wind up, then unleash your might upon your foe, dealing 66 Physical damage, stunning for 3 sec sec, and knocking them back substantially.
  • [Rime of the Ancient Mariner] - Reduces Frost and Nature damage taken by 1%.

(Abruek) #16

Well, I didn’t say they were more or as overpowered. But I’ll bring up why I think they’re relatively strong regardless.

Highmountain Tauren have just 1% vers, with no extra healing from damage taken.

This is not only a 3 second Stun, unlike Bull Rush and Warstomps 1 second. It also does a slight bit of damage along with a “substantial knock back”.

Again, having 1% less Nature and Frost is twice as good as just having 1% nature like Tauren have.

I will agree that the other two are fairly useless, even though they have a bonus to all trade skills which most races only get a bonus to one.

(Kateey) #17

The new Regeneratin’ racial is beyond broken if it went live in this state. Imagine a raid boss takes everyone to 20% hp. Instantly top the raid every 1.5 min without using a raid cd… The only classes that can’t be zandalari are warlock,DH,DK.

Hopefully they fix this before it hits live. If not I assume this is a bait in switch to drain even more money from players via race change. Then nerf the ability after they have the money.

(Setback) #18

UHM you do realize that 3 second stun will tie them for best race in game for PVP lol.

Do you have any clue how invaluable a 3 second stun is!?!? Especially say for a mage that has none.

Literally Kultiran and Zand are gonna be tied for #1 pvp race on both faction lol with Kultiran being more of a lead because it brings a baseline hard cc

(Mingz) #19

3 second stun in a raid or just pvp? Does not mean anything for me if it is not usable against a boss. Make it a pvp talent since that is all it will be used for.

PVP is so full on stuns as it is, the pvp game is all about stuns and locks, not damage and healing. so one more stun just makes me never want to pvp still.

But then again coming for a horde that will be OP with the self heal option, I guess trying to tell me the new ally racial is awesome is power for the course.


If you seriously think the Zandalari racials are gonna stay like this your in for a rude awakening. Every number on Zandos atm is rediculously high. Bwomsamdi gives a 4k proc of bonus damage passively.

Also just because Zanda racials are good doesnt mean kultiran arent. Kultirans will be insane in PvP. If I could roll a kultiran UH I would in a heartbeat. Strangle healer, knock DPS into wall and burst.