Regeneratin' breaks with Stagger ticks

(Sifu) #1

The Zandalari racial is currently breaking on Stagger ticks, can’t even get a single tick off before it breaks. Please fix it so that it isn’t completely worthless for BrMs.

(Lockedheart) #2

this is how its meant to work.

any dmg breaks it.

DoT’s (which stagger is) is intended.

a monk would have to time their cleansing of stagger with the use of the racial.


It only clears 50% so if I’m at 100k stagger I clear now i’m at 50k clear again 25k see where I’m coming from clearing that much is unreasonable and if regeneration breaks on damage this race is not worth taking then

(Sifu) #4

Somehow I don’t think it’s intended to punish literally 1 spec in the entire game because of its tanking mechanics…

Stagger also used to interrupt channeled abilities like fishing until it was fixed. It’s clearly not intended.


If it does get fixed, I doubt it won’t be for a while. It took Blizz several months to fix the Stagger breaking fishing/quest channeling bug. Was very annoying.

(Maizou) #6

Your racial is not meant to be a massive heal for a tank during combat. Use it out of combat, stagger runs out rather fast.

(Sifu) #7

Every other tank will still be able to use it in combat… Either make it equal for everyone and make it unusable in combat or make it work through Stagger so BrMs aren’t the only spec in the game unable to use this racial.

This is a fair request.

(Maizou) #8

No, every other tank wont be able to use it in combat, because any other tank will still be taking hits.

If there’s that big of a rest between hits for a tank to use it, then your healers should be healing you to full before you even get a tick off.

(Sifu) #10

Guessing you’ve never tanked before if you say this.

(Dremall) #11

Its called tank swapping. It is quite a common mechanic in raids. In general you have a boss that has to be swapped at say every two stacks of a debuff so the tank doesn’t take lethal damage. Now lets say you have two Zandalari one a Brewmaster another a Warrior.

The Brewmaster takes threat so the Warrior can drop their stacks of the boss’ debuff. There is a large damage spike because a dps botched a mechanic. The warrior uses their racial as he is not taking any damage, and then taunts the boss when he is supposed to.

If you reverse the scenario the Brewmaster because of their stagger ticks would not be able to use their racial and would have to wait on the healers. Granted Brewmasters also have a self heal that they could cast.

(Shadina) #12

This is what I was gonna point out as well. Tank swapping being what it is, a Brewmaster is the only tank in this situation punished. And that shouldn’t be the case. Stagger should be made an exception and shouldn’t break Regeneratin’. Everything else is fine, but a tank’s core, specific mechanic should not also invalidate a racial that’s already highly situational.


whoever says no tank will get this off has obviously never played a paladin. there’s even a talent to aoe taunt when you bubble so you don’t lose threat in M+. then you can regenerate and then click off bubble. before taunt wears off.

bubble regenerate for all 3 pally specs is gonna be OP. I will be leveling a zandalari palladin just for PVP regenerate.

(Zulzamba) #14

So, confirmed it is usable inside pally bubble? I had wondered about this, and the PTR has never allowed me to log in.

(Svenska) #15

Bears can’t use it in form, and even with tank swapping there’s some fights in Uldir that I can think of offhand where using regen would be pointless because you either aren’t taking damage, didn’t take damage or need to do something else.

Most tank swaps don’t have you at super low HP after the swap making it necessary.

It’ll be niche or emergency. I wouldn’t race change for it. I don’t see it being super useful.

PvP may be a different story but I don’t PvP.

(Zulzamba) #16

Trust me, PvP is definitely a DoT fest lol Bleeds, poisons, diseases, magic, and curses! In fact, sometimes one is lucky enough to have all at once!

(Svenska) #17

Lol! That’s definitely different from when I used to PvP.

Back then it was stuns and poison. Stupid rogues…