Regarding Kul Tirans, Faith and Paladins


I have a lore question regarding Kul Tirans and religion. From what I can gather, the Kul Tirans worship a goddess called the Tidemother and are not inherently follows of The Light. So would a Kul Tiran seeking to become a Paladin need to convert to the faith of The Light to become one? Or is it possible for a Kul Tiran to be granted their powers through the Tidemother?

My whole concept for this character centers around a Kul Tiran seeking to become a paladin to combat evils such as the Heartbane Coven and Drust, So I’m trying to determine the best way to go about roleplaying him.

Thanks in advance for any imput!


Fairly certain the Tauren Sunwalkers (paladins) don’t directly worship the Light (or at least don’t refer to it as such), and the same can be said for Zandalari Prelates (paladins) who I believe got their mojo from Rezan (but he’s dead - so pick another Loa?).

Basically, it doesn’t seem like one need worship the Light to be a paladin (at least not knowingly), and certainly other entities are capable of endowing followers with power to act in their name. In fact Tidemother empowered warriors are already a thing in lore - the Storm’s Wake Tideguard, though this may not be thematically on brand for you as they still use storm / water magic rather than traditional “paladin-y” things.


Thanks for the input!

I haven’t played Horde so I was unaware that the Tauren’s and Trolls got their Paladin powers from another source. I was under the impression only The Light or things like the Naaru could bestow power to Paladins. I didn’t know of the Tideguard either. But yea, I was going for a more “holy power” approach over Shaman elemental like stuff.


Heh, I think you just may have to accept that water gets into everything in Kul Tiras. Patient and inescapable as the tide. Yeah, the Tideguards are the ‘Paladins’ to the Tidesage’s ‘Priests.’ You can for sure be a Paladin that is from Kul Tiras, without question. Yet there’s no real cultural heritage behind it other than the rest of humanity on the mainland possesses.

Here, you might like this. This is some Moon Guard wiki Fanon loosely based off of an in-game mob. There are guardians in the Shrine of the Storm called ‘Shrine Templars.’ Who use a mix of Paladin and Water-based abilities.

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Hi there! Kul Tiras as a nation has the Tidefaith as its official religion, but there are minor implications in the worldbuilding that imply the Light has a minor hold in Drustvar.

Here’s some of them:

  • Mercy Fairwater, one of the Defenders of Drustvar, is a priestess who wielded the Holy Light in life, and carries a staff with the Church of Holy Light’s symbol.

  • In the Tidefaith, burial seems to not be a standard practice - they release the souls to the sea and Shrine of the Storm. Drustvar is home to one of the largest graveyards in Azeroth that is set up against the mountains, rather than by the sea. In Corlain, we also have a paladin’s gravestone, which features a design only used ingame at locations significant to the Light such as Light’s Hope and Uther’s Tomb.

  • Another NPC of significance is Inquisitor Erik , a mob added in 8.1. He is a member of the Order of Embers and spawns sometimes for Horde during their world quests. He is dressed in the garb of an Order of Embers inquisitor, yet his attack spells are Crusader Strike and Holy Smite. These are both Light-based attacks!

  • The Order of Embers also has an unlockable NPC named Cleric Loriette, who provides a blessing of flame. Holy fire is usually something wielded by Light priests, and she doesn’t look to be dressed like a Tidesage.

  • There are a few NPCs that also reference the Light in their speech - such as Rebecca Hale, who says “Light bless that woman.”

I personally play a cleric that came into the service of the Order of Embers and have known several others that play holy characters in that profession as well. The Light is definitely well-suited for usage against the Heartsbane Coven and their strange death magic. It may not be practiced as on the mainland, but we definitely have some implications about the Light having a presence, even if the Church doesn’t have any NPCs there.

The Tidemother does not grant Light-based powers, but as has been said, she does have Tideguard, who are plated warriors wielding Tide magic. I would personally advise against using the Order of the Lighthouse fanon, as that has some ties to figures in the community that are controversial and it might earn you some side-eyes.

Feel free to reach out if you’ve got any questions- I’d be happy to help with a character setup in this regard and have been RPing in Kul Tiras circles the last little while.

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I agree with Inquisitrix.

I would avoid using Order of the Lighthouse fanon. For the reasons they stated. Sucks that it takes a couple of bad apples to ruin a thing.

Also Tideguard RP is fantastic! The lore behind Stormsilver plated armour is amazing. They can do some pretty neat things! I’ve enjoyed RPing one on and off for about three years now.

Try this discord group! I am sure there will be plenty who can help answer any questions you have!

Tauren worship the Light through An’she, who is the Sun god and the right eye of the Earthmother. According to the story, these Tauren embraced the light during WOTLK and first began walking the path of the Sunwalker.

Zandalari Prelates gain their power from Re’zan, Loa of kings and of light. Although Re’zan is now dead, Prelates still draw their power from the Light.