<Refrigeraiders> US Aggramar 3/8M; 2 Day Raiding Guild

Refrigeraiders is a recently revitalized Alliance guild looking to progress through end game content with mythic aspirations. We are a close group of friends who recently decided to enter back into the raiding world, with most of us having multiple server first clearing experiences from Illidan and Kil’jaeden in The Burning Crusade, to more recent expansions such as Cataclysm, MoP and Legion where multiple members continued playing on as the leaders of other server first guilds.

Since coming back, some of our raiding accomplishments include the realm first AotC completion in every content tier since our reformation in BRF, as well as Cutting Edge Xavius and Realm First! Xavius in Legion.

Current Progression: 3/8M EP

Our current need for the roster:

Havoc DH
Windwalker Monk
Strong Ranged DPS

Any strong applicant will always be considered.

Raid Times:

Our current raiding schedule is Tuesday and Wednesday 8-11PM EST with optional Heroic alt run on Thursday 8-11PM EST.

We expect that as a raid member:

  • You should be able to maintain 90% raid availability, we have a tight core that does not have substitutes some nights due to real life restrictions. Advanced warning of any absence at least the morning of a raid night is required, though the night before is preferable.
  • You should know your class! Being able to switch between specs is crucial as we continue to progress.
  • You should have prior raiding experience and a competent knowledge base of your class. We may expect you to perform a certain raid function you might not usually do and you will be required to adapt to such situations in raid.
  • You should have a functioning microphone and be able to use it.
  • You should be able to take a joke, we are a mature (though often childish) bunch of friends who often shenaniganize one another.
  • Most importantly, you should be able to have fun and know that at the root of all our madness, we are just a bunch of people trying to have fun in a competitive venue.

We have a 0% tolerance policy for any elitism, condescension or malicious behavior. Any and all suggestions or complaints should be voiced in a constructive and positive manner.

For more information or an invite, you can contact the following people in game on US-Aggramar, Alliance:

Gfry (GM) - gfry#1340
Lashaawnda (Officer) - ryna#1275
Tor (Officer) - schafer#2891
Malachei (Officer) - Malachei#11385

Thank you for taking the time to hear a bit about our guild, we genuinely hope to see you in game!


bump, Tor here. schafer26#2891

Still looking!! Boomkins and S priests!
All rdps as well

Still looking

Still looking for Boomkins and Shadowpriests! Range DPS as well!!

Any need for a BM hunter? I promise I’m at least as good as lcopeland :wink:

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We’re always looking for new friends!

Looking for more friends

Range dps!

Still Looking

Still looking! DH’s and S priests

Apply today! Still looking! Gimme a DH please!

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