Recruiting for RBG team


We are trying a specific and oddly crafted comp this patch. We are looking for chill people absolutely no ragers this is going to be a learning group that we hope to get multiple seasons with. Typical RBG days are going to be Friday and Saturday 630pm pst til we feel like quitting.

Below is what we are looking for
We are currently looking for a Rshaman with ele offspec, Disc priest and an Hpally.

For dps we are looking for a Rogue preferably

If you are interested please let me know and we can go do randoms. Some of the dps spots can be subbed out for other classes for the right players.

If you are interested please add LCSpartan#1827

(ZĂ©rgling) #2

What time one is that? I am est


That’d start roughly 930 your time i believe


Hi there I am Drphillipe.

(Vuloce) #5

Sent you a request


Is there a mmr goal?

Like, xp requirements, etc?

And are there other spots/classes needed other than listed?


So we are taking it as a long term group more than just the season realistically. That being said most of us that have started the group and crafted this comp have played above 2k mmr consistantly. The first half of the season we are looking to get the synergy down between everyone with the style of TCing, ccing and just overall duties.

The classes/specs listed are what we are ideally looking for that being said we are open to just solid players all around but its intended to be a heavy single target damage team with both the melee and ranged bringing ST before heavy cleave.

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I Que’d with some of Rish’s team last night and it was fun. They are easy to get along with if you are a chill person. I have zero RBG experience, but they didn’t treat me like a trashcan which really showed a lot to me.

Anyway, if you are horde and want to get into RBGs but are afraid you will get looked down on for lack of achievements- Hit him up and try out.

(Imadragon) #9

I have a DH and a warrior.

Hit 2.1 this season in RBGs, Always lookin for a solid grp of fun ppl to grow with.

If I could fit the bill, I can add ya up!


As of right now, imadragon we currently have the dh spot filled. That being said the only other dps we really need at the moment a rogue spot but feel free to add me as you never know when someones RL circumstances change and in need of extra players :slight_smile:


can i fight with you guys :grinning:


if your willing to switch to horde :stuck_out_tongue:


I will shoot you a tag request. I would very much like a consistent group to run with more. I don’t mind being a backup because with most groups that have I run with in the past, burnout will happen. I run both Guardian (FC) and Boomkin depending on the Map. If another FC is present I don’t have a problem just going Boomkin or vice-versa.


bumpity bump


I’m 1900+ lemme lead your RBGs

(Flebykins) #16

I play all three spec on shaman in pvp, mostly resto, so i can fill out w/e you guys need, but atlas i have bloody 0 experience in rbgs 8(

I can learn the rbgs ways with a bit of practice and proper knowledge. If you are interested in me, I’ll add you up.


I’m leveling this mage specifically for PvP. I’ll be 120 by this weekend then quickly gear it. Very interested in a chill RBG team. I did yolo groups in Legion with some success but I dislike pugging…

Let me know if your team is interested in two mages in the near future. My partner is also leveling one with me. Btag: Nerf#1997

(Thesandman) #18

I’m wanting more people that are playing together consistently to play with. Send me a btag Thesandman#1828

Rogue 2.2 achievement playing at 2.3 2.5mmrs usually.


Phillipe you will not be coming as per past interactions with you leaving rbgs with us before.