Recruiting for Doomsday Dragoons (Alliance)

Doomsday Dragoons - Whisperwin is now recruiting for players of all classes and specs! We’re a newly formed social guild. We plan on casual progression raiding before and after 9.1!

US - Whisperwind/Alliance

About our guild:

  • We are an 18+ social/leveling guild
  • We will have silly and fun social events such as hide-and-seek, movie nights, Truth or Dares, and even more!
  • We will also be doing content of all kinds, including end-game PvE content and PvP.

What we are looking for:

  • Active members in guild and discord
  • Open-minded individuals
  • People who want to Raid and do Mythic+
  • Any class and/or specs
  • Friendly and fun people!

What to expect from us as a guild:

  • Strong and passionate leadership
  • A place to call home and friends to call family
  • Communication and comfort

Extra Info:

  • Tmog runs and all kinds of farming
  • We will also help anyone level and gear up enough to do M+ and raids!

How to apply:

  • You can fill out an application at this website:
  • You can also reach out to either of our GMs, or our head officer on discord:
  • Beth#8008
  • sav#4025
  • Dragoons Recruiter#1642

We thank you for your time and interest in Doomsday Dragoons! We wish you the best of luck with your search!

What we need for Raiding:

2 Tanks

3 Healers

9 DPS (a mix of ranged and melee)