Recruiting 10/10mc + Ony

Brand New Guild Relaxed Transfered from Arugal Different guild name, reforming on Felstrike looking for experienced players to join our team to raid mc/bwl ect , we have cleared all previous content from mc - nax in original vanilla pm Ancients or skillz in game for more info all classes considered.

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Very misleading recruitment from this guild. Reforming usually means you have a large portion of your previous guild, but as many that have joined and since left have discovered, this is not true.

Also reasonably sure a great many players here are 10/10 MC + Ony in vanilla. :laughing: If that’s your primary sales pitch here, why is it not the same pitch in-game instead of misrepresenting yourselves as an established guild?

This is not vanilla. What you did in 2004 is meaningless, and having 4 or 5 people in your ‘core’ that have 10/10 MC in classic is not representative of an entire guild or it’s ability to raid.

The bulk of your membership right now are folks that are either guild hoppers, or completely blind to anything that goes on within the Felstriker community and ate up your lies like a fat kid eats dessert, myself included. This has been a lesson in how easily one can be fooled by the lure of progress.

I wholeheartedly apologise to anyone that has joined your guild and chooses to remain there. :astonished:


Recently joined and cannot disagree more with this spiteful interpretation. Within hours of joining I have received more help and witnessed more selflessness than I had in the 3 weeks since starting on Felstriker.
I took a break from the game for a week due to the very toxicity your post is purveying. Upon returning I can state as an unbiased non embittered anecdote that this guilds philosophy and actions have redeemed my hope that Classic wow can recreate an experience similar to the one we all miss.

I dont know you, nor you me. But I felt it necessary to provide an opinion free of this clearly targeted agenda you felt angry enough to spread. Didnt post on your classic character so your opinions must not be something youre willing to stand by enough to make yourself known.

Hope you find happiness and leave others to pursue the same.

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I guess people have a choice in joining guilds, you’re basically demeaning everyone who joined us labeling them as guild hoppers or being blind, don’t see how that has any positive impact on the Felstriker community whatsoever lol.


New recruit here as well. Joined the guild discord and was welcomed warmly with the guild doing a run of UBRS, wasnt ignored or made feel like I was interrupting.

You are getting into semantics here… Go back to Arugal and put your head back in the sand. You sound like someone who has gotten mad because players left his guild and has said “YOU WILL REGRET THIS, I WILL PUT YOUR GUILD IN THE DIRT WHEREVER YOU GO!”.

The content that is out is not hard… Various reasons, but as you said, its not 2004 anymore…

People with your attitude make WoW into a game I dont want to play.

Thankyou for your concern though,

Wish you the best


Interesting points of view represented in this post…can you tell us more about the guild? are there any interview processes? how do you keep out the bad but retain the good?

Also keep an eye on some of those new recruits, I’ve heard wispers at the docks about a certain druid.

Welcome to Felstriker and all the best! Dont let the negative people put you down.

Sounds like they are just afraid of losing members and trying to make you guys look bad to prevent people from joining you guys.


i guess speaking truth first helps right , lies and deception to steal a bunch of members from guilds so you can bolster you guild with higher level players… was a bit of a douche move. you pissed off more people the you were expecting.

but i wish you luck from < steam rollers inc >


What lies and deception ?

well considering you haven’t 10/10 1/1 on felstriker saying you are is a deception saying you have vanilla experience upto nax and so forth or saying used to be in a guild who was 10/10 and decided to come here and try do same, this would be less deceptive and more truthful(from what i gather the issue is).

I cant speak on the drama as if you are relaxed on argual or frostmourne or what ever, my goal in classic is to have all the guilds on felstriker especially GM in communication with each other working on world events pugs or whatever come from the community as a GM perspective. I have a more hoppers leave to other guilds more than yours, so i’m not to fussed as people will go where they can go to get things the fastest for them.

In saying that i can understand why some people are mad due to the descriptive recruitment you started with when you transferred over as it mislead some players, but hey it’s all semantics.

As i said I wish you luck and if you are interested in joining the guild co-op then send me a msg in game to boxer and ill get you a discord link and hopefully all this drama ca be over with and everyone can play the game and enjoy themselves. :slight_smile:

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That’s 100% wrong. I’m wearing the shield that drops from rag. Nice try doe.

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try what, if anything i’m offering a olive branch to you while others hate but cool story bro.

Guess reading is not your greatest attribute il leave it there.

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10/10 now with rag down before sons.

cool story bro.

I’d be cautious of these players, they’re known for sticking together as a group of officers, they were known on arugal for this behaviour, and were removed from a guild called snitch, and they did nothing but create drama, and abuse anyone that disagreed with them

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Don’t worry, Felstriker is well aware what a sh*tshow they are.

Just look at their initial recruitment post and subsequent replies to people calling them out.
Not to mention the WoW Oceanic Discord calling them out aswell for false recruitment and bs.

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their are also screenshots of whispers from their guild officer druid intense essentially forcing other players to give up loot to him, as well as other officers creating drama and causing fights in group and trade chat. and they support that

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Thats why the guy never raided in slayer, but i suppose trash follows trash. relaxed will crumble due to there toxic behaviour

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Thanks for your input nephrite but your acting career is over on Felstriker, good luck in future rolls xx

Im wanting a spot. Was in Zodiac but had a bad time.