Recruit a Friend

Currently after hitting your 12 Months for the “new” recruit a friend program you get 2 mounts and then misc mogs (that sometimes don’t work)

Then after every 3 months you get 30 days game time.

Can we bring back the older mounts instead of the 30 days gametime? OR give us the option to choose between them. This way it doesn’t completely remove mounts from the game for farmers.


The good news on this is that the issues with vanishing store and promo cosmetics has been found, they think, and is awaiting some testing to be patched in. The CS forums had a thread where we have been getting updates on it :slight_smile:


I personally wouldn’t mind seeing this happen for others that didn’t have the chance to obtain the older Recruit a Friend mounts.

I personally own all of the current and “Retired” Recruit a Friend mounts, But I know a lot of players in-game that would love to have them.

This would be a nice change for those that already have lots of game-time to spare. Having a choice between game-time and one of the older Recruit a Friend mounts would be a great alternative rather than just getting game-time every few months! :smiley:


Or at least an option to pick one over the other. Some people might value the 30-day time over a mount (i.e., they don’t care about mounts or they already have the mounts).

Would be nice if the RAF pets were brought back as options also.