Reckoning not blizzlike (even 2006 didnt work this way) Please add a separate batching for reckoning like you did with seal twisting

Please add a separate batching for reckoning like you did with seal twisting

Reckoning bomb should be just as easy to proc as it did in these 2006 videos with sit stand and with 10ms it would bring a massive nerf to reckoning

Look how easy it should be to obtain reckoning from mobs
The video was slowed to 0.25x so thats 3 times slower
So speed the video to 1.75x

Reckoning bomb should be easily obtainable, not impossible

1st charge first 2 seconds when he spam sits

2nd charge 6 seconds

3rd charge 15th second

4th charge 25th second

Here I am and 40 seconds and im only getting one charge and this isn’t even 10ms batching yet

This is not blizzlike at all and is prejudice towards ret paladins

3:55 (kneel to stand)

0:30 Look how quick he charged it. Even if I had two mobs hitting me I could never charge it that fast…

You are downgrading reckoning

  • Being critically struck while using /sit to sit does not cause abilities like Enrage, Blood Craze, and Reckoning to activate.

Sitting down to trigger these effects was fixed early in Vanilla’s life because it was so incredibly strong.

It always worked in 2006 if you did it through spell batching. And the charge count was fixed after kazzak and limited to 4 but dates show spell batching is blizzlike and the spam sitting was quicker and it was always that way before tbc. Through spell batching you can gain the crit. The fact that it’s 10 x harder to do it on current classic means its not blizzlike. And is a gigantic nerf to 2006 reckoning.

  1. We have evidence that you can get reckoning by sitting through spell batching in 2006. Those videos confirm it.

  2. The current system doesnt allow for a faster sit or an easy buildup of bombs as shown in the 2006 videos. In the current 2021 classic its proccing maybe half or less as much from thesame repetitive clicking.

Fix 1: Increase the speed to sit like in 2006

Fix 2: Allow reckoning to build up at thesame rate as in the video

It obviously doesn’t work if you sit normally but using the spell batching reckoning ALWAYS worked back in 2006 as shown in the videos above

You cant ignore the evidence
Reckoning has been nerfed through the wall and isnt 2006 blizzlike. Then why keep shadow oil and frost oil affected by herb gathering or keep lifesteals from drifting? If Blizzard is so built on keeping the game the way it was 2006 then we should preserve the original chance to build reckoning. Why keep certain items gaining + healing and not change them but do the opposite for reckonings ability to proc like in 2006?

Spell batching is part of the original 2006 game and you have to accept it. This is one of the major paladin spells. Not some small spell.

They should make a second spell batching that is tied specifically to this spell so it can work with sit and proc as much as it did in 2006. Currently reckoning is not Blizzlike. This is a MAJOR paladin pvp spell.

Please add a separate batching for reckoning like you did with seal twisting with 800 ms in 1.13.7 ptr