Recently level 80 Warlock needs advice:

I recently got to level 80 and have been running heroic dungeons regularly and have a mixture of blue and purple ilvl 200 gear. I also have a purple ilvl 200 dagger and blue lvl 80 offhand. I have also acquired 78 Emblems of Conquest but haven’t used them yet. I noticed in Dalaran I can use those Emblems of Conquest to buy 3 purple ilvl 232 items: pants, belt and hands armors. Should I spend my Emblems of Conquest on those 3 ilvl 232 armor pieces and pvp to fill out the remaining slots with purple pvp gear? I was thinking if I did that, I wouldn’t need to pvp so much and I would also have 3 pieces of gear that is somewhat higher lvl than pvp gear. Is this the right thing to do?


Buy the tier helm and chest tokens to get your set bonus with conquest IMO.

Thanks for the advice but I didn’t see that the Conquest vendor had those items for sale.

They are tokens that you trade in for the tier items. I would absolutely use the emblems though.

I also dont know why people go for pvp gear for pve. You would be getting what… 213 gear for honor? If you do heroics, and crafting you can get much better gear.

I wouldnt go pvp gear ever unless I was pvping. Even furious gear has less strength on it for me at 238ilvl than a 232ilvl item. Resilience doesnt do anything for you in pve so its a waste of stats to skirt around GS, but if you are doing heroics I would just keep doing it if you also get some of the crafted gear. Might not be the cheapest thing, but its a whole lot better than pvp gear.

I don’t understand your statement: “They are tokens that you trade in for the tier items.” Please elaborate. Thanks!

You purchase the tokens from the Emblem of Conquest vendor (helm or chest) that you then turn in at your armor type vendor in Dalaran. So a warlock would turn in the tokens in The Threads of Fate shop.

So you would buy “Breastplate of the Wayward Conqueror” which is for palaldin, priest and warlock, and turn it in for Conqueror’s Deathbringer Robe. Its 58 emblems for either the chest or helm, so that would be 116 emblems for those.

Realistically though, you should look to get spell hit capped which will do more than any 2pc. So at least get the chest piece. The “Conqueror’s Deathbringer Robe”. It has a good bit of hit on it and then go from there. I would also get the Sash of Ancient Power (crafted) because it has hit on it as well, and you probably wont be replacing it until ICC or if you get into a ToC 25 or something.

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Slightly OT, but in this same general issue, with the addition of alpha/beta/gamma, it would have been nice if Blizz either condensed the badge currencies/vendors, or retuned the lower vendors.

Hero/valor items are too expensive in emblem cost for what they are, to the point I can’t imagine anyone buys them (even if they would still be good gear for helping players transition to beta/gamma and prior phase raids.

At least Heroism emblems can still be obtained questing, but you can’t directly get valor emblems anywhere.

Plus it’s mildly annoying to have to convert emblems down 3 tiers to buy gems lol

Heroism and Valor gear isnt worth it. You can get most 232 rirght now and 232/245 next phase if you get crafted gear as well. Start prepping yesterday and you can get pretty geared. Do at least ToC 5m H for a weapon thats 219. Then when the ICC dungeons come list yourself for those if able.

Keep grinding tokens, you will be gate kept for having even a single pvp item.

Started healing H++ this weekend.
4k GS. Half pvp gear, half quest items and dungeons blues. Give or take…

I was saving badges for the tier chest and head too.
After doing about 10 runs, I have 4/5 of the tier pieces from token drops in ++.
Ended up buying the gloves and the belt from conquest vendor instead.

At the end of this weekend I have replaced almost all my PvP gear (still wearing 245 neck) and am sitting just under 4.7k GS.
Once you start doing H++ you gear up pretty fast.

Actually it’s 232 Furious and 245 Relentless. Deadly is good for 213 weapon and tier set if no other options. I ran normal ToC25 for the first time on my shamy alt in full deadly plus crafted belt, boost and BoE wrist. It’s 5.2K atm and I still have deadly neck and bm trinket.

Actually, its 213. Im not here to argue with someone trying to act like furious is worth honor points at the moment.

Tier/weapon is 213 (vendor in belly). Offset is 232 and 245 (wrist, belt, boots, back, neck, rings, bm trinket). Vendor in Org/SW. HP are easy to obtain with WG. Take care. 232 crafted belt and boots. 245 crafted chest and boots. 226 BoE wrists are cheap on AH.

Its 213. Again im not here to argue this nonsense. Deadly is 213 and thats the only one you can get for honor right now.

No one is saying you buy deadly mainset pieces. You buy 245 relentless offset pieces and shoot for tier as your mainset.

I really dont care what people are trying to change the conversation to. Its irrelevant to the topic.

Not to mention they are bad items in terms of pve dps. They just are since a whole secondary stat is completely useless and is wasted. Crafted boots, and wrists are better.

PvP 245 is way better than 187-200 PvE leveling gear. Very good startup gear. It’s on par with 226 H++. Good luck on joining H++ in greens. If you don’t care what people say just tag alone on a forum. I have 8x 80 with 7 raiding H/N ToC25. I know what I’m recommending.

FALSE. Furious(232) and Relentless(245) offset could be purchased for honor. Relentless boots and belt requires rating thus Furious should be used instead or crafted Ulduar 232 belt and boots (this is what I normally do).


But its not better than the 232 gear that you can get.

Its really not. Its a way to get around the ilvl/GS requirements that the playerbase has at the moment.

Well good thing you can get 232/245 ilvl for most slots at the moment.

Not saying you should, but no reason to get pvp gear when you can get pve gear that is better. There is crafting, and there are emblems both of which are better than even the offset relentless pieces.

Well when you arent answering the question that was asked, then no I really dont care what you say. The question was what to do with their emblems of conquest and to fill out the remaining slots with pvp gear. The answer is look to get 4 pieces crafted, and look to get hit, and not waste items with resilience on them that dont benefit a warlock in pve at all.

No, its true. Instead of getting all up in arms over your “offset” nonsense try to actually read the question that was asked initially.

So you bringing up these offset items is 100% pointless. The 232 crafted items for a warlock from Ulduar are better than these relentless items in the first place due to gaining spell power through spirit. And you arent wasting an entire secondary stat, and you have access to more gem slots on the crafted items.

DO NOT USE PVP GEAR FOR PVE. All it is there for is a work around for gs and ilvl or you have to have wrathful to actually beat the 232 gear in terms of dps output if you are looking to pve.

They are better off with emblem farming and getting some crafted gear and just planning out the few days players have prior to icc actually opening on what they want to do with their character.

Its better to just RDF it up in those 5 or so days before ICC releases and farm the fool out of Triumph. Get your helm, shoulders, trinket, ring, relic slot items or thrown weapons and wands and then getting crafted ToC chest and bracers and then getting your 232 2pc at the very least from the vendor with legs and gloves. Waist and boots crafted, 232 neck from emblems of conquest and then go from there mostly looking to the ICC dungeons to finish slots.

I will give only 1 slot that can be a pvp item, and that is cloaks. Thats it. If you missed ahune then you either have to do Ulduar or ToC for a cloak that is 232 or higher and even then I would go for hit first over anything else. All other slots will be able to be 232 or higher and you can get 226 without setting foot in a H+ dungeon or even pvping.

OP’s issue

“I recently got to level 80 and have been running heroic dungeons regularly and have a mixture of blue and purple ilvl 200 gear.”

I’m 5600 Hpal with 245/258 and Val and multiple alts with 5.2K+. We are talking about what fresh 80 has to do to get geared and I’m sharing my approach. You can share yours instead of nuking mine. OP can make his own choices.

Not his question.

No you arent.

And your approach is bad.

Just since you missed his actual question. The answer is no to the pvp items.

No ill nuke bad ideas.