Recent vanish bug fix


Before the recent vanish bug fix I was pulling other rogues out of stealth after a vanish almost every game. Blizz hotfixed it and I thought that would be the end of it…

Except I still got a couple of rogues last night in the same way. MAYBE it was something else, but maybe it wasn’t.

For those that didn’t know rogues using vanish could still be seen and targeted by other players. If you were quick enough to retarget and hit the vanishing rogue you’d knock them.

Anyway, is anyone else still seeing this or am I crazy?

(Wicked) #2

Did you apply Vendetta?


Nah I don’t usually pop vendetta on another rogue until they’re stunned and have no out

(Packofcrows) #4

Yeah. Was fighting a rogue and I kept popping him out before full vanish took place. I’m outlaw so cants see them in stealth.

(Zérgling) #5

I was so confused, I saw your portrait and I thought it was me


I’m not a big fan of that weird plate armor on the front of the sinister chest though so I roll the aspirant’s piece for that leather look