Recent Server Transfer LF Raiding Guild

375 Ret pally in the works of re-rolling to hunter which is currently 363. Am looking for a raiding guild with at least having heroic on lock with progression in mind.

Hey feel free to add me on bnet, nasty#1887, so we could discuss a little further. We are currently 3/8M looking to recruit RDPS. When BoD drop we will be clearing heroic and opening spots back up to solidify our roster for mythic raiding.

Hey there Ardghal - check us out. We are on Thrall and are an AOTC focused raiding guild with previous topp 100 world experience. The guild has been around with the same leadership since 2007 and we’re looking to add more for the next raid tier. We have room for a hunter and can help you gear up the hunter in the next couple of weeks!

Hey Ardghal!

Hoping we sound like a good fit! We lost a couple hunters in the mix of things and would like to get another one added. And ranged is a bonus! At Bloodwall we like to have fun and still knock out our bosses. We are 8/8H AotC and been around the raiding game for about 5 years. Feel free to check out our recruitment post to see if you are interested!

Hope to talk with you soon!
:+: Foxcee :+: