Recent DDoS Attacks Impacting Game Service


give them more then one year of jail this time!


blizzard pls fix


Dear Blizzard,

Buy CloudFlare DDoS protection. Contact me and I can get you a deal.



OK if you guys cant use our billion dollars / month to stop it, ill stop paying you too, bye, this is way too much incompetence !!


The entitlement of some of the people in this thread is incredible.


Can I have your stuff?


Based of the tweets it’s clear that if the people from that page are responsible,it’s for notoriety.

Wiki,Twitch and Blizzard are big names so being able to effectively put them at a stand still is seemingly impressive.

It’s only when you realize that essentially anyone can do this that the party’s responsible go from these all mighty powerful hackers to just some poor sad fellows looking for attention.

Notoriety will come from how long it takes to get caught,if they do at all.


The stupidity by you…is…epic.


Thanks, we know you are working hard and we appreciate it.


How I spend my free time is that important to me.


Feel free to find these individuals and have a public execution! I’d subscribe to the show :slight_smile:


Playing a female gnome and talking about having a wife, nice joke mate.


Yeah, except the idiots doing this are bragging about it.


Its ok Honey well all mad


When you find them just post their IP and physical address for us pretty please lol


And violently killing someone through incredibly torturous means is okay because of that? That’s sad man.


Thank you guys. :smiley:


Just when we thought we were out,

they pull us riiiight back in …


i hope he gets shivved by his cell mate first day in to be honest, dwarf.


Hope you guys get this sorted soon.