Recent Actions Against Exploitative Accounts

I don’t know about retail, but classic the accounts are region locked I believe. I had interest in trying out EU servers and the only option I could find was to make an EU account. You are probably right that some of those accounts are not NA and are paying substantially less, but this is why this post is so disingenuous.

This being the US-Wrath forum, the only # people want is the accounts banned in our region/game type. If they want to provide this obscene total number that is fine, but it should have a breakdown. Is this NA or all regions. How many are accounts that logged into classic vs retail.


So, there isn’t any real breakdown provided by those who would actually know.

Were 168,000 people banned for buying gold from sellers that weren’t Blizzard?

Were they using non-preferred pronouns in trade chat?

Were they selling dungeon run to executives from Burisma?

Were they improperly in possession of confidential Alliance or Horde documents in their garrisons?

Was it Chuck Norris jokes? I bet it was Chuck Norris jokes.


/who botanica

There’s still lots of bots out there.

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Weird how Torsten still qued games after the ban wave


I don’t do pvp. What, exactly, is the point of botting in pvp?

Well that is good. The bots ran wild for WAY too long. I actually took a long break a few month after launch because the pvp was so bot infested.

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Unfortunately for the same reason that people cheat in any game.


does this count retail and classic or just wotlk classic

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It’s all wow accounts, there’s no way to distinguish between a “retail” and a “classic” account cause they’re the same.

If it was just classic accounts they’d have banned the equivalent of a third of the player base which is clearly not a thing.

It’s deceptive to post it like they did.


Your subscription for World of Warcraft® Subscription - 1 Month has been canceled. You’ll no longer be charged, though you can still play until your current subscription expires on September 06 2023 10:69 PM(PST). Manage your account at any time on renewing your subscription!

Blizzard Entertainment

Heroic ToGC is incredibly easy and people are still paying hundreds of thousands of gold ($1,000) for trinkets. What do you suggest? Make the trinkets 100% drop rate and drop 5 per kill?

I was just in an SR Naxxramas run and a lock tried to buy a Dying Curse for 18,000 gold. The mage who won it refused to sell it for that much. That’s 4 months of WoW time worth of gold for a P1 trinket that can drop off of 4 bosses in Naxx 25 and Naxx 10.

Nothing short of just giving out the loot for free will stop people from burning money for pixels.

Christ, and people say you don’t need that much gold for Naxx GDKP’s, if that is the competition I really have no idea how anyone is supposed to get geared enough for the community to stop kicking you out of H++ for “not being geared enough”

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This is quite the jump from my statement.

Difficulty has very little to do with why people spend for gear. They aren’t spending because they can’t or aren’t capable of doing it.

The Nax issue is the same, how many times does someone want to run an old raid on an alt for a chance a trinket that unless you lead and HR you might never get. You literally could raid Nax from here till the end of wrath by pugging and never get the trinket.

There should be some currency system in place in all raiding content like the sidereal essence. Running 16-20wks of Ulduar to see 2-3 trinkets drop is why people spend that amount of money and before you go at me with giving loot away, I’m talking about enough currency to buy 2-3 pcs of gear per tier not all 17 slots.

There are only a few items that go for prices like that. There is tons of min bid loot in Naxx GDKPs.

Doesn’t sound too bad if at most you pay 300G for most things that drops, given most Naxx gear is pretty bad this late in and will be easily replaced once you’re let into H++/Ulduar and can actually start farming effectively.

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