Recent Actions Against Exploitative Accounts – November 2023

I’m a priest only for the forums…

Nice. Good job. 197K is a ton of accounts. Realize Blizzard is banning a lot of money doing this. HOWEVER, if it maintains the integrity of the game, I would expect they make at least as much back.

I’ve done hundreds if not 1000’s of GDKPs, haven’t gotten banned and never will. There’s nothing wrong with doing GDKPs. It’s the most equitable loot system there is.

If you’re using an addon to buy and list auctions you should be banned.

Its all the RMT and gold selling/buying that comes with the GDKP that gets them banned. They are botting RMT maggots who got caught but cry foul on the forums after the fact.

AH addons have been a thing since 2005 and allowed by blizzard, hell even the devs that play the game use these addons. Put down the pipe and go have a sleep dude.

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You’re making it clear that you indeed have no idea about addons

I can smell all the brown nosers supporting blizzard from here. Put a diaper on your face, that’s where the crap is coming from.

Please target the bot druid and rogue stealthers in EPL, Winterspring, Burning Steppes and, Silithus (they’re in other zones obvious but those are the most common). They are permanently stealthed and gather looping- so you can’t in-game report them for botting unless you catch them at a node. If you do /who in the zone to see them it won’t let you report them for botting (only report for name).

They removed this option in late SL, iirc. To this day I still don’t get why they’ve done this. Often it makes reporting bots almost impossible.

God is just as dead as your faith in Blizzard, sorry boss