Reasons NOT to be hyped for SL

  1. Eh, never bothered me before.
  2. Will probably see enough of the other covenants before making a choice, so, eh? I’m a casual that will be chasing after transmog instead of min-maxed covenants.
  3. Not affected #warlockprivilege
  4. Not that big of a deal to me, if I want to go fast I have ways of going fast.

Can I have your gold until then?


All the reasons why im hyped and excited thank you for the update!

This game has gone down a dark path. The design is based on making money by gating off content instead of making fun things to do. Fairly sure it won’t miraculously improve.


I see you have nothing else to say?

One of those “wow is perfect and Blizzard can do no wrong” types. Have you met that one panda that posts similar stuff? Or are you one in the same?

Indeed. Systems are designed based on spreadsheets instead of fun.


This is so funny.

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You people are crazy this is going to be the fun expansion parties making abdominals…crafting…valid again…I cannot wait!!!

Yea I don’t care about any of that. Shadow Priest is amazing on the beta. For the first time in four years I can play my main again and not hate it.

WM continues to suck and alliance are playing at a big disadvantage - one of many ways BLizzard continues to show they could care less abotu their player base and remian a bunch of arrogant pr$^^$.

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  1. Too much politics in it.
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I am not buying it. I am waiting for an expansion that ION is not in charge of. I do not like him, his ideas, or the direction he has taken the game. I do not hate him, but I feel he is the worst thing to happen to WoW since it launched.


Class design is still bad.

Systemlands is going to break the stranglehold that these spreadsheet devs have over the game.

I will welcome the new dev team like the justified conquerors that they will be.

:thinking: :100:


Is there anyone who just feels… burnt out and mixed? Like I see good and bad possibilities and right now SL looks like it can go either way.

Pathfinder: I’m strictly anti Pathfinder and absolutely hate being glued to the ground. It’s a worthless timegate…

But if they can make ground travel more appealing - design zones that aren’t literal torture to navigate while on foot, the mob density isn’t 3,000 per square inch, make daze flat and not based on armor so it isn’t GG clothies - it won’t be as big a deal. I barely notice my flier is gone in the Barrens. I was frothing at the mouth while grounded in Highmountain and Nazjatar.

AOE Cap: The game technically had a cap of sorts from vanilla through to the end of LK. It can be done if tuned right, and on paper it could make specs like MM naturally less trash…

…Or the devs could bungle it and accidentally create a really toxic meta where only like 2 classes are viable because they are the last ones standing with decent, uncapped AOE.

Locked into Covenants and Walkfinder in the Maw: yeah these are both going to irredeemable :poop:shows out the gate, and everyone knows it. The first month will have a player representation of 99% Venthyr, then it will get inevitably nerfed. Meanwhile the Maw is already being reported as “more annoying than dangerous”, which already describes every single attempt modern Blizz has at a single player open-world zone. There’s a reason the old MMO foundation lies in challenging group content, even before the idea of instanced dungeons were conceived by earlier MMOs. Hopefully these systems get quickly fixed/neutered in 9.1.



You are sadly right.

That is why many of us have already found new homes. Just waiting out the current crew until they become bored of wow and move on to wreck another game. Just hope the new devs come that actually care about making a fun game and not a chore list of systems layered on top of systems.


Thanks you for quoting, loves the validation, smirks through his mountain dew.

What a great reply. This sums up how I feel nicely.

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  1. Still no flying right at max level.

I’ve always preferred Pathfinder as the method for unlocking flight. Being able to fly right at max level really takes away from exploration value if you ask me. Leveling alts recently, I’ve had a very good time traveling through older zones, being unable to fly, stuck to the ground, needing to find ways to get to where I’m going instead of just hopping on a flying mount, speeding up into the air, and going in a straight line to where I need to go. One could argue that you don’t have to fly if you don’t want to, but we’ve seen time and time again that people will do certain things, take easier paths, if they have the ability to. Someone who is entirely against flying in the game will still fly all the time just because it’s an option. Pathfinder truly is the way to go if you ask me.

  1. Locked into covenant choice.

This one is literally just incorrect. You’re not locked into your Covenant choice at all, even with the currently intended system. You can switch your Covenant all you want, but you need to put in the extra effort to do so. That being said, we don’t even know exactly what they’re going to do to make swapping Covenants all the time a difficult task, just that they believe doing so should be. In Beta right now switching Covenants involves like five different confirmations, and then a quest if you want to switch back. Definitely not the actual system for doing this, but it gives us an idea of how they want it to go, which I think we should keep an eye on. It could end up time gated and bad, or it could end up being a solo challenge quest of sorts and an anima cost of some kind and be good. Time will tell.

  1. AoE cap.

I genuinely don’t really care about this all that much. Or rather, I’m indifferent towards it. It could turn out fine, or it could turn out bad. I’ve personally seen mixed opinions, and both sides make fair points.

  1. No ground mounts in a max level zone.

This is genuinely such a non-issue, it literally isn’t even a real problem. This max level zone you’re talking about is significantly different in design from previous zones, and I don’t see any problem with not being able to mount up in there. I don’t care about sense of danger or anything like that, I just don’t see the actual problem. If you feel you need to have a mount so badly then I feel sorry for you, and this is coming from someone who currently mains a Paladin, a class with some of the absolute worst mobility in the game. If I can deal with poor mobility, you should be able to as well. I state again, not being able to mount up in the Maw is a non-issue.

I refuse to argue about any of this. Y’all like to overreact to everything on these forums, acting like everything is bad and that the slightest thing will ruin the game. I wish people would be more positive about things, especially since it all seems pretty damn good so far. Goodnight.

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My current lap top doesn’t meet minimum requirements for shadowlands and I have no friends to run end game stuff with.

That’s what loses my hype.

The maw alone is going to break a lot of people. I am calling it now.

:thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

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The expansion requirements often are overkill for what is actually required to run it. I actually got better FPS on my old PC in BFA than I did in Legion. As for having no friends to run end-game stuff, you can solve this by simply joining a guild and getting to know people.