Rearranging and Removing Portals

The portals have been in game for, what, years? And yet not once have I(speaking only for myself here) ever seen, or heard, one person ask for they’re removal.

people complained about it, it is a big classic talking point.

But I agree with you, this is not an issue of immersion.

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I cant even make sense of that.
what ‘immersion’ is there in taking longer to get back to PLAYING the game.
If I loved road trips Id be doing THAT, not sitting here all day playing video games.

Good lord. Are some actually saying they ENJOY the loading screens when they play as much as PLAYING the game? :thinking:

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They (Bornakk) was actually talking about the BfA portal rooms, not the SW/Org portal rooms, which is where I’d like to see them.

In the OP of this thread, Kaivax says we’re getting what’s on the PRT right now:

I would very much like the option not to take the tram or the flight points (or the super slow zep from Thunderbluff to Org) on characters who don’t have access to the BfA hubs. I doubt I’ll be getting it.

As I said, I was speaking only for myself. And that is indeed the first time I have ever seen that video, or heard of it for that matter. Mages seem to be the ones that complained, of course they did. I’d complain too if someone took something that I do that is useful and made it nearly useless. That reminds me of inscription . . .

Semper Fi! :us:

Just back to this thread and I’m already out of up votes.

Here is my up vote for you. Loading screens are not game play, this is just another lame attempt by Blizzard to slow content consumption. Pathetic!

I believe that it is a part of their trend, like scaling, to try and make all of the game areas relavant for exploring, journeying, etc. Personally I expect to see continuing changes in this direction.

Why? Well if I were to guess it is because the development effort/cost of the past may not be sustainable going forward. Not because they are losing money on WoW but maybe because the ROI for scarce resources (artists, developers, etc.) is less for WoW than it is for other types of games.

I’m still having fun and these types of changes don’t bother me so I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and see where the current path takes us.

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No worries I just pointed out that they exist, I’m not discrediting you.

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I wouldnt be surprised that some tiny minority have and do, just like some want flight removed.
This aint classic. We have 10 times the land mass the game had in classic. Flight may have not been a big necessity THEN, but it is now, especially for those of us who keep that AH stocked for other players who are leveling up and needing old world mats to level professions…and to make old world gear for mogs.

A point some here seem to be oblivious to…leveling new characters.
Seems as if we dont WANT NEW players coming in or something.
If they want to remove the AH entirely, then sure, I dont ‘need’ those portals anymore.


I applaud you for that. I however have already taken my money elsewhere, but have promised to return in 8.2 to finish part 2 of the pathfinder achievement. It seems I will be regretting making that promise.

Semper Fi! :us:

Yeah,i even noticed it too,I got the ring to teleport to barolus ,at first it was instant then there was a loading screen.

Same here. The wife and I both spend all day playing FF14 yesterday. Love the UI flexibility that requires a few addons with WoW…though I do overlook it in WoW since its an older game

The thing is, like flying, people don’t have to use the portals if they don’t want to.

Well, that’s maybe not 100% true. I’m not sure if there’s any way to get to Deepholm without a portal. You can get to all the other Cata zones with flight points (including Vash’jir).

Anyway, I don’t understand the argument that what other players like to do could ruin my immersion.


There is only two ways as far i know the potion and the dungeon stone there.Let me check something but you’ll have to be there regardless.

That’s where I have been spending my, admittedly little, spare time. It’s an interesting game, and they don’t seem to have an issue with portals or flying. Hell, you can get a port from one part of a city to another part of it. Doesn’t seem to be an issue at all. Odd how things work with different games and development teams, don’t you think so?

Semper Fi! :us:

Oh, duh. I forgot the potion. And I’m an Alchemist. But I guess both that and the summoning stone are essentially “portals” not flight points. Which is why I don’t understand why trinkets, rings, cloaks, etc. are okay, but not portals.

And for that matter, why can’t I, a Tauren, have a cloak that takes me to Thunderbluff? I confess I’d rather have a portal, but why do all those cloaks only go to Org (or SW)?

Definitely agree.
Business model/philosophy has killed more companies than anything Ive ever seen. Killed a couple of them I worked for in the 80s and 90s that didnt need to go belly up.

Yeah. Itd be like me demanding pet battles be removed because I dont find it ‘immersive’ while someone else enjoys that part of the game.
Pettiness on my part.