Reaping in M+ only favor the same AoE classes

(Ojoverde) #1

Blizzard need to balance classes, this new season 2 affix only favor the same dominant classes, DHs, Rogues, Mages will still be M+ dps kings. Give AoE to affliction blizzard!.

(Monsters) #2

Demonology Warlock. You should try it…

(Wyldeth) #3

I would be happy if vile taint replaced seed of corruption like how drain soul replaces shadowbolt.

i tried demonology warlock the other day. It feels terrible compared to affliction from a straight button pushing and movement perspective.


Ele shaymin?

(Ojoverde) #5

Like i said this new affix for season 2 only benefit the same AoE classes. Even after patch 8.1 changes the same dps classes are on the top for M+. Check bestkeystone webpage to see it.


Here is the new meta: DK, Boomkin, DH there you go, ghosts gone.

(Varsity) #7

8.1 trait rejigging made so many more specs viable.

boomkin and ele shaman were great aoe before, so was frost and unholy dk, ret paladin nukes ao mobs now, especially with crusade (ive reached ~150k aoe dps on my ret with some large motherlode/freehold pulls)

demo lock nukes aoe, so does fury warrior and arms.

heck, ive even ran with a feral druid that didnt do too awful

tldr: try to get more experience in before making baseless claims about how everything is useless except a few things.


To be completely honest I think people that arent affliction have a hard time empathizing with a spec that’s been so good for so long.