Reaping affix testing coming in 8.1.5 PTR?

(Niingdorei) #1

Since Season 2 is only 2 weeks away, and with that bringing the new Reaping affix in keystones, is there any chance we will be testing the affix on the PTR soon?

I’m assuming it’s gone through a lot of iterations which is why it hasn’t been tested yet, but should we expect it to be tested?


(Kaivax) #3

We plan to hotfix the PTR later today to enable the Reaping affix.

(Chadadin) #4

When will you guys address the fact that you’re just now putting up the new season affix ~2 weeks before it goes live? Did you not learn your mistakes from doing this with Infested and how FUBAR that was at launch?

(Dvis) #5

They’re best test-bed has always been live realms.


So any update on this? would like to test it but it doesn’t appear to be live on the PTR

(Kaivax) #7

It was enabled in the PTR about 5 hours ago.

I’ve started a thread for Reaping feedback here.


if our character copied over with a key that says infested what do we do with that then?