Reanewing mist not applying

renewing mist is not applying in arenas it just does not go on targeted targets


same issue here, indie game

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same here /10

It appears it does not work but only if Sheiluns talent is activated

Thats not true I dont have that talent and have not picked it as a talent at all since the patch went live and my Renewing Mist does not work. All I’ve done is go into an arena match and Renewing Mist did not work in there from the start and does not work outside the arena either.

I want everyone to remember this when people ask for stuff like cross-faction gameplay everywhere in the game.

Remember the time where a minor patch that added assets for a feature not even in the game yet broke a healing spell.

Overflowing Mist or Resplendent Mist IS WHATS CAUSING THIS BUG!
Dont use 2 points into Overflowing Mist

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