Realms say they are incompatible

Can’t log in. What’s up

That generally means that you need to update your client, Creeper. You should be able to simply restart the Desktop App to pick up the update.

If you have trouble try the steps in this article.


It sounds like you need to download the latest update from your Battle net Launcher.

Restart your launcher if it’s not downloading the latest client version of the game.


I had the same problem. The Blizzard app said that an update for WoW was available, but it would not download. As it turned out, I needed to update Windows. Once I restarted Windows, it installed the Windows update, and once the Windows update installed, the WoW update downloaded and installed (after I opened the Blizzard app). After that, I was able to log in.
See if you have any Windows updates pending - if you do, run the update and see if that triggers a WoW update once you restart and open the Blizzard app.

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I’m only in Linux (opensuse 15.1), had that happen the other day.

So there was a new patch, which I checked upon getting “incompatible” (about the time of your post.) Weird that I was not prompted to update anything ( as with the previous poster, though I had recently patched “wine-staging”, which would present itself to the game as windows 10/whatever.)

“incompatible” always means a patch, basically, even if a very small one.

My launcher isn’t doing any patching after restarting it, and I have the “Incompatible” message on all servers.

Try completely restarting your system.


I am having the same issue even after restarts

it might take a few tries, make sure your launcher is current. it should be version

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This worked. Thank you.