Realms Expectations for Season of Discovery

You’re not wrong. But dead servers are also not fun at all. And low pop servers are always at risk of 1-2 big guild breaks from becoming dead servers.

So many changes, so many unexpected things to learn. It’s all very exciting.

Trying to figure out what everyone is going to play or what we all want to main is clearly a struggle for a lot of us because there isn’t a definitive outcome on class powers and true abilities yet.

I might be more confused now over character selection than ever, but I’m more excited for this than classic WoW.

Thanks blizzard for listening to our suggestions. I have high hopes

eh the content tab will be added to the realm list before it goes live and if it’s anything like the recent past, grayed out server names will appear. However I don’t recall if they had their associated realm types listed or region.

You’re Right and I can’t recall the same. But we’ll see. I think it could be just a tab without any realms.

I hope it’s late at night on Thursday so I can pick the server I want to join. It would be sad if the server gets full before I get off from work. if I missed this topic please let me know. thank you

In case you missed it: Official launch time - #16 by Kaivax

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@Babality check this image out and as we suspected… the third tab was added just for SoD 4 realms - Divided by player type?

I really hope they haven’t forgotten to offer an OCE server like they did with hardcore

Yeah I saw when servers came up :slight_smile: Thanks for the tip though!

I don’t think that list will end with those 4 realms… give it time… we may see more… Blizzard is teasing us.

Just like classic release, they will add more if needed 100%. Im just hoping we do get East/West servers, I don’t want to deal with west coast raid times and boosted ping. I can only assume the 2 listed pvp servers are e/w.


I may not be joining those realms because of a rumor there will not be a dwarf shaman in the character selection screen.

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yeah for me I live in the west but love est so I don’t have to go bed early for the events lol

Because this is classic… the population is likely to explode. Don’t you remember the last time fresh servers were released? There were massive queues on all the fresh servers. Are the SoD realms going to have a higher capacity that the last fresh servers?

Will the servers populate within one another? Like a mega-server?

They’ve already stated that the servers will be larger capacity.

Hey, can you all allow dwarfs to be shamans and Tauren or undead to be palidans.

Wild hammer dwarfs are shamans

Dwarf shamans make more sense than giving all classes all perks.

Rogue tanks lol

Hope they add in Elixir of Water Walking it’s already in the game they just never had a way for use to get it in vanilla

I’m against population restrictions philosophically, but I think its because of my internal bias.
I have only played mmos with pvp.
I was impatient in 06 as an mmo player(which means today im willing to wait ten years for a two percent payout)
pvp mmos are succesful long term because of something called…respex
I am rolling as the outnumbered faction on the most populous pvp server, as i always do
This time is gonna be especially spicy because d tier twitch celebes love this game right now
I’m recruiting for a horde pvp guild, and i Can’'t wait to be clipped by a streamer killing them with a 7 man grp v 20