Realm Time Change After Mergers?

After the Realm connection Tuesday Perenolde is now showing in game as a PST server and has always been a MST server(Ive been playing on it since the game came out). Nothing was mentioned about changing the time if it was intended. If it was not intended is there a fix in the works and when will we see it?

Back in the day of the original mergers, I was playing in Shandris, an EST realm and was merged with Bronzebeard a PST realm, and now both are PST. I think the issue is they move a realm to another and the original realm disappears, only the keep the name. Sorry it happened to you, but I’m sure you were moved to Cenarius. I moved my characters to another realm because of that.

I started on Perenolde back in 2005 and was cause it was a MST server. I understand that they are trying to get rid of low population servers…but the time was not mentioned in the changes. If that was the case might as well have got rid of Cairne and Perenolde and just have Cenarius offering free transfers to those who dont want to be on PST servers. Really hope this was a bug and gets fixed. I know its kind of a silly thing to get frustrated over but it can change the flow of a server by changing the time. Cairne was a CST server.

Our server Ghostlands/Kaelthas had multiple servers merged into ours recently and as soon as that happened, we went from CST to EST, with no notice at all.

Announcement thread: Realm Connections -- September 17-18 (notice no mention of the timezone being changed on us).

I’ve asked on Twitter for clarification on if this is a bug or intended, but no reply so far.