<Realm Discord Servers for NA/EU/OCE> ✨

Great news for EU!

An announcement has been made for a THIRD EU PvP English server! Gehennas! I have updated the post including Gehennas however it is still far too early to tell what the community will do.

I will keep an eye out for any information ASAP.

So far I’m in 3 different ‘oficial’ Faerlina discords. lol.

Yeah it’s crazy! I am aware of them. The one listed has 1.3K+ members. I suspect it might be a bit hard to consolidate as it’s going to be the “streamer server” and there will be people wanting to escape them.

Unbiased opinion stands though on all the servers, I’ll do my very best to provide the most accurate Discord server for the list.

Yes a Streamer discord cropped up controlled by them and predictably it looks like twitch chat. Consider us the small Oasis in the chaos. We refused and will continue to refuse to merge.

Additionally you can use the following to link to our Discord, it’s a little easier to remember.

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Bumping for you, because I know two hours can bury this sucker like crazy.

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Legend thank you so much!

Here’s to hoping we can get a sticky for the thread!!

Updated post to include new North America server Stalagg!

Get behind the hype guys it’s real and coming very soon! Hooray Classic WoW!

Cheers for your efforts to bring the communities together. That’ll be one of the most important parts of Classic.

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The one with 401 members in it?

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Props to getting all these servers together and organizing them.

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Is there one with 400+ for Stalagg already? If so a link would be lovely :slight_smile:


Oh, I just saw it! When I first came to the forum to post this Stalagg was blank, thank you!


Thank you bunches for this awesome and helpful list! :ok_hand:


It was one of the Stress Test Servers, so they just converted the Stress Test Discord into the Classic Discord Server.


As above I have listed the recommended server with over 400 members in it so far as the go place for Stalagg.

If anyone has any information on the EU server Gehennas Discord server please let me know!


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I’m looking around Relodis, but I’m not finding anything. D:

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Did a search for both r/classicwow and these Classic forums and nothing. These guys are sneaky!

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Bump up the jam we’re going to be here all day folks, posting away.

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nobody is forcing you?