<Realm Discord Servers for NA/EU/OCE> ✨

Heres a good reason why what you’re doing is a bad idea.

Hi Eveda,

I appreciate you coming in to let me know however I made adjustments to ensure none of the aforementioned servers are included.

I have spoken with the Golemagg owner and they have made it clear they are not associated with the people mentioned in the RMT thread.

They have an announcement in their Discord and I have spoken directly with them.

As for Shazzrah it was clear the other smaller sized Shazzrah was NOT the go to place. I have since removed it from my list following this new information.

Gehennas listing has been removed following information of the RMT scandal.

I am aware the community is still finding its feet with all of this and I will keep on top of any new information given to me.

Thanks all for understanding. I am just trying to provide a true and correct list for anyone that wishes to connect with their chosen realm Discord.


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Gehennas listing has been reinstated after it was announced new administrators have since taken lead of the Discord server. It seems the RMT thread has been deleted since.

Bump for the update.


Here we go again.


Updated to include news about new servers opening how exciting!

Firemaw PvP for EU; Blaumeux/Skeram for NA.

Big cry baby.


Anyway friendly afternoon bump for the post!

Skeram discord linked to the subreddit.

https:// discord.gg/D2FZ6kC

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I did a test just to see how this list of servers are, and the attitude of the people in them. I would just watch the chats and this is my question:
If these Discord servers are for classic WoW, then why is it every single one I went to has people discussion everything except WOW. I saw conversations from ranging from bad hygiene, all the way up to Prison and taxes.

I have never liked voice chat programs due to all the garbage that people spew out and the attitude of the people. The voice chat programs are just like this forum where the abuse of removal is out of control.

On Atiesh, we have a “General Discussion” channel where you can talk about whatever as long as it doesn’t break any rules. Why? Because there’s more to community than one single thing, this case being wow. We’re having fun and messing around getting to know each other by talking about other games we like, work, home life, friendships, vanilla, retail, literally whatever we want. If people don’t want to talk about any of those things, they don’t pipe up. But we have all kinds of conversations going on in so many different channels because everyone’s just having fun and getting to know each other.

Sorry that you think that a Discord Server should only be used for one single purpose ever, but everyone is clearly having fun getting to know each other.

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How people use their services is up to them but I won’t be using them and I explained that excuse makers who want to justify poor behavior and bad reasoning which is exactly what you did with your reply to me.

It’s not even worth attempting the effort to have a discussion with people who cannot be reasoned with, because they have no reasoning.

Tried using the links to join discord servers where I plan to play. Links say they have expired. If there are new links, could you please update the original post so people don’t have to slog through a couple hundred posts? <3

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The people on the Atiesh Discord don’t have poor behavior. We’re one of the only server Discords where no one has had to be kicked or banned or muted for any reason whatsoever. And believe me, the blacklist for “needs to be banned” is long.

If you think me explaining that people are having fun even though they’re not talking about Classic wow is “justifying poor behavior and bad reasoning(???)” then I must have completely missed your point. Because I read that you’re annoyed? Mad? Upset? Bothered? That people are talking about other things in these Discords than just Classic Wow. Which is an insane thing to be bothered about. If I misunderstood, please, explain. Because otherwise you just sound like you hate it when people have fun.

Blockquote It’s not even worth attempting the effort to have a discussion with people who cannot be reasoned with, because they have no reasoning.

What are you even talking about here? You’ve shared a single response with me, which is hardly a discussion. So this just sounds like you want to “make your point” without actually talking to people about it because you might be proven wrong/pointed out that you’re just whining about nothing.

Which is what you’re doing.

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We’ll need to know which servers those are, so that we can get you new links. The OP is already in most of the discords, so the links will just send them straight to their Discord app.

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I’m being suuper lazy, and I’m not checking to see which Firemaw you have, but there are two right now. One has backed off to be a “Community Discord” For Firemaw events, but I think it has more actual Firemaw players, while the other is supposedly mostly Shazzrah players? I don’t know. You can talk to the Firemaw PVP Admin about it, I guess.

Firemaw PVP Community:


Firemaw EU:


Hi guys,

Apologies been busy last few days will get to updating ASAP especially the broken links.

Updated listing for Blaumeux.


The first link is the bunk Stalagg server, the admin started up a bunch of "Classic WoW’ discord servers. It was originally a Herod server.

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Thank you for bringing it to my attention, I will investigate.

Ask Chromie, she’s a mod on both servers.

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