Realm Connections -- September 24-25

thats a pretty small list for this week :confused:

Is Turalyon on the list at all in the future?


This is getting annoying is it hard to put up a complete list of all upcoming connections? People would like to know what is happening with their realm heading into shadowlands.

Really frustrating in the length of this process.


Been patrolling the forums for the weekly Realm Connection thread, didn’t see Earthen Ring. Please #ConnectEarthenRing, Blizzard. We’re one of the OG RP servers and missed out on the last round of connections years ago. We’re eager for new friends and neighbors!


just glad thunderlord, azhara and destromath got connected to azgalor

It feels like this is the last of the connections, at least before Shadowlands. The initial post about ongoing realm connections was unstickied over the weekend. I’m honestly surprised that Earthen Ring hasn’t gotten connected already.


I genuinely hope this isn’t the last set of connections for now or the foreseeable future. Earthen Ring has been holding out hope for years now that Blizzard will see just how much of a ghost town our server is and this has been the first time in ages that any of us have had faith that it could happen.

Please #mergeEarthenRing and breathe life back into our server, Blizzard.


Ravencrest / Uldaman would like to have a word on these realm connections :expressionless:

Please confirm whether or not this is the last round of connections. My main is on ER and I’ve been holding out on transferring in the hopes we will get a connection. ER feels more dead that some of the servers that were targeted for connections and it would be great to see more life injected into the server. Please let people know what the plan is ahead with connections as it directly affects how we play the game and many people are trying to get organized ahead of the new expansion.


I think this is it. These are IIRC the ones that kept failing from previous weeks. I think they want to be completely done by pre-patch and then have space just in case.

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Giving more love to our Brazilian neighbors. We’ve been on the same LFD/LFR servers for a while with you guys and some of our fondest LFR memories were half of our raid being my guild, half being a Brazilian guild, and us desperately using (and failing at) Google translate to try and coordinate, laughing at each other’s attempts, but also still smashing the bosses. Really pulling for you guys to get some kind of realm connection.


I’ll say this again and again, I don’t even play on this server, but #mergeEarthenRing. It needs it. Don’t let this OG RP server die. There are a lot of good people on it.

Earthen Ring was my home server during vanilla and I still have some friends who play horde on it, I am half tempted to return to play with them just to at least do something for the server at this point.


Turalyon and Bloodhoof-Duskwood seemed like a logical connection. Similiar number of players, both NY-based servers. Turalyon has more Horde but whatever.

Merge Arygos/Llane too!

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OR…now hear me out…OR we can just forget this realm nonsense and use sharding to balance populations. Connecting all realms (in a region) is an inevitability and the only real difference between a connected realm and a cross realm is the economic portion which (from a programming POV) is a lot less taxing then the already existing Real Time gameplay portion taking place in the physical world. It also solves a LOT of social problems that cross-realm, LFD, and other similar systems introduced. #ConnectAzeroth

Detailed Arguments Here: #ConnectAzeroth - The Final Realm Connection

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Saurfang - > Cael hasn’t been attempted before, but Saurfang is the last OCE server that really stands out population wise.

I’m hoping that this isn’t the last potential Connection and that more are still on the way. Earthen Ring really needs to be connected, and I know that there are several others also suffering due to their low population.

Please #ConnectEarthenRing!


Bladefist group needs to be connected to the Uldaman group.

27 sets of connected realms that haven’t been touched since 2013/2014. Can’t speak to their true populations, but that’s concerning for many of us when we’re just over a month away from launch.

edit: Honestly though, give the rest of us connections and turn off CRZ so everything that’s broken can stop being broken.


I don’t know how many times I need to say this. Going halfway clearly isn’t solving the underlying problem. We need to connect all realms (in a region) #ConnectAzeroth

Discussion Encouraged: #ConnectAzeroth - The Final Realm Connection