Realm Connections -- September 2-3

Thanks. Dreadmaul/Thaurissan/Frostmourne looks really legit for Alliance. Combined they have an alliance pop comparable to Proudmoore.

edit: Looks like this is Oceanic. Pass.

The other connected realms pretty much all still have laughable populations. Alliance on Tichondrius have a better pop than pretty much all those connected realms put together.

I think even thats too conservative. Stormreaver definitely needs help.

I understand that.
That’s why I also wrote this on that post I made.

Ahaha, that’s a fun one!

When you answered my post about alterac mountains showing an excessive population indicator, you seemed to hint that it’s a realm you play on; if so, I saw it went from about 30 to 58k on raider io, does it seem ok population wise now?

Nothing seems to have changed to be honest, except for the number of items that are available on the Auction House maybe.

I never turn off Warmode, which means I am usually thrown into random WM shards so it’s not like I am seeing more players around me compared to how it was before.

Alterac Mountains / Balnazzar / Gorgonnash / The Forgotten Coast / Warsong was a Horde dominated server whose Horde vs Alliance ratio was 1 : 0.23 with ZERO 12/12 M guild. (one guild finally got CE less than a week ago).

Anvilmar / Undermine was an Alliance heavy server whose Horde vs Alliance ratio was 0.42 : 1 with just ONE CE guild.

The rest of the 12 guilds on this server with all 7 realms combined that has ever attempted Mythic raiding are all below 5/12. As you can tell, with such mediocre raid progression and the guilds having difficulty recruiting raiders, our server is never going to strive.

So yes, if you were an Alliance player on Alterac Mountains + 4 cluster before the recent connection, your life is maybe slightly better now with more Alliance players to play with and more progression focused guilds to join on Anvilmar and Undermine.

If you were a Horde player on any of these 7 servers? I don’t think there’s much of a difference, because we all know already that connecting dead server clusters with dead server clusters isn’t going to solve anything except for maybe making the Auction House economy slightly “better”.

Is Gilneas/Elune now linked to that Eonar group? Our servers weren’t mentioned, but all I see are Andorhal, Zuluhed and Eonar folks everywhere

Any idea when the next realm groupings will be announced? My Guild is currently 11/12 Mythic and if we’re merged this week its going to throw a huge wrench in our progression

Dear Blizzard team, thanks for the efforts with trying to counteract the H:A ratio on Frostmourne however a free transfer would have been a better consolation for dumping existing Dreadmaul/Thaurissan to the Frostmourne pool

Let’s just hope some of us on the smaller servers get a chance at actually playing the game instead of needing to sit through queues on and around release dates

Please consider connecting Earthen Ring. We’re one of the OG RP servers, and I feel like we keep being overlooked. The server is DEAD. During peak hours, 5 people in Stormwind. It’s depressing. Can go weeks without seeing anyone talk in Trade chat. Please help us #MergeEarthenRing: #mergeEarthenRing

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I hope they merge Jubei’thos and Barthilas. Jubei is my original realm but I moved to Barth because Jubei is just dead. Would love to play with my friends again.

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It’s already connected to Frostmourne, would be very surprising to see blizzard connect Frostmourne and Barth.

No it is not. What?

Log into the server and check trade chat, you will see :wink:

It got connected yesterday.

It did not.

I stand corrected - I get my info from WoWhead and this wasn’t a new post. My apologies.

pops up from Earthen Ring Please don’t forget us over here waves

Agreed! #mergeEarthenRing

Yes, please consider adding us to the next round for Connections on Earthen Ring.