Realm Connections -- September 17-18

Earthen Ring is still in dire need of a a merge. Please don’t forget us. We’ve waited a long, long time for a new batch of merges and, at the risk of sounding dramatic, if it doesn’t happen this time around I don’t have hope that it ever will.

Hear us out Blizzard. #mergeEarthenRing


I agree with the others about Earthen Ring needing a merge/connected realm. Blizzard, it’s great that you’ve been doing it with other servers including RP servers, but please don’t forget about us. #mergeEarthenRing


Hey Jessail, I appreciate your insight!

I understand CRZ is a thing, but I am not sure how it works or how it comes into play here. I remember making a toon on a high pop realm like Stormrage and there being a great deal of overfarming of quest objectives and having to stand around waiting for things to spawn. I didn’t have this problem on a low pop server which is why I chose one. So if these extra realms get connected and boost our pop even higher, how would CRZ prevent overfarming from becoming an issue? The concern of a login queue is also not addressed.

So CRZ pulls players from multiple realms in to load balance per datacenter. This is why I said it didn’t matter per se.

So that’s a datacenter issue not a server pop issue, blizz will continue to put you on shards as they see fit regardless.

So all of the items come back to sharding, because they aren’t running a single copy of azeroth but rather many little copies of zones they can load as many players as they realistically have hardware for in any given datacenter. Thus queues should be non thing.

Wow you sure are knowledgeable! Thanks so much for the insight and info, that really helped clear up a majority of concerns. Much appreciated :slight_smile:

I’ve updated the OP to reflect that the date of the AU connection has changed. It will now occur on September 18, AEST.


Any news on brazilian realm connection??
Or brazilian server located in Brazil??
It would be fantastic for us not dc all the time and play with less than 250 ms.

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Just wanted to state that I am totally against these mergers. Blizzard should have allowed free realm transfers to designated realms for those that wanted instead of dictating above the wishes of players who chose low population realms

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Please Connect Nagrand/Caelestrasz w/Barthilas.

Thankyou :blush::pray:t4:

I haven’t been able to restore a character or do a race change on Windrunner, will these work again once the connection is done?

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This server would end up bigger than Frostmourne. It’s a no from me boss.

They all Ally realms tho…:cold_sweat:

Blizz doesn’t seem to care much for balance these days…

I don’t understand why the realm connections are exactly the same as the ones listed last week. How many weeks does it take to finish this?

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wtf? And we of Brazil, Nothing?


For me, mash everything into 1 server!

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It would have been nice if when realms are merged that they all speak the same language.





i hate the mantences

Hi, if possible, please connect Earthen Ring to some more servers! We want to meet more people across the worlds! Thank you!