Realm Connections -- July 23

This server list is wrong. Blackmoore is an EU realm there is no US Blackmoore.


That feeling when kaivax forgets your realm exists…


Did anybody else have to double check if these realms were real…

or am I the only one that’s never seen them?

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The Skywall and Drakthul realm will join the Silvermoon and Mok’Nathal realms.

Seems like a decent match but… two very low pop connected servers combine into one still very low pop connected server?

The Perenolde and Cairne realm will join the Cenarius realms.

Again, decent matching, both alliance heavy with barely there mythic raiding. But again, extremely low pop Perenolde/Cairne connected + nearly dead Cenarius is a nothing burger?

For people ‘requesting’ connections, it looks like the realm connections still adhere pretty well to old “Battlegroup” line-ups, so ask accordingly.


Perenolde and Cairne are connected. Right now I can’t find a Blackmoore realm on the US servers. I guess there is one on EU. Frustrating that they are so vague on this post.

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I’ve amended the original post. These connections will take place during a special maintenance on Thursday, July 23.


On the one hand. Yay! On the other hand, I literally can’t find a US realm named Blackmoore.


Neither can we.

Sorry for the confusion.


Much love <3

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Please fix Blackrock

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Wow. You guys are finally doing something about Drak’thul after it got changed from a PVP -> PVE server in Cata and completely died?

After 10 years? Why?

Can MoonG get a divorce from Wrymrest Accord? Asking for a friend.


Silvermoon/Mok’nathal - 1413 A, 925H
Skywall/Drak’thul - 1050A, 512H

If those numbers are even close to right, not a large merger by any means.

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YAA plz

PRAYING we get linked up with kil’jaeden
they’re like 2 of us same battlegroup timezone cluster priority ect

1.5k to 4k population differences but with several active mythic raiding guilds

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Population has dropped off pretty hard that last few weeks. I have some numbers from a few weeks ago and it was around 6500 for each of those servers.

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I have a sneaking suspicion that Twisting Nether/Ravenholdt will be linked up with Maelstrom/Lightninghoof/Venture-Co. If this is the case, our situations won’t be much better.

We all really need to be linked up with a High pop realm.

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6 Hour downtime to connect servers…
Hmm, maybe there is something else we are not being told. :slight_smile:


Have you asked if this is ok with the realms yet? And providing free transfers if they don’t want to be connected with these realms?

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Wow. I used to play Horde Skywall back in Wrath… was decent then. Wth happened?

Instead of listing each of the servers out, could each group of connected realms be given a name so that when picking a server to create a new character we are picking a collective “Data center or Group center based on time zone” first, while leaving the extension out of the equation. After picking a Center or Group based on our time zone we can then pick our Extension secondary. Example would be my name is Mokalyn-Emerald Dream and my Data or Group is Central Data Center or Central Group Center since Emerald Dream is Central Standard Time zone. I believe I have mentioned this before and actually sent in my ideas before.

I hope that makes sense. Final Fantasy does something similar to this and it might help with some confusion when wanting to create a new toon for new players or players who want to play in their own time zone or a time-zone that works best for them.

Lastly can we get RP-PVP server back for Emerald Dream.
Hangs head down feeling sad and rejected as an RP-PVP server that flourished at one point.