Realm Connections -- July 23

So is the maintenance for just those realms or are you taking all realms down?

Probs all.

Either way, I gotta get my server hop alts sorted out before this goes live.

For me there is a latency difference of maybe 80-100ms between the 2, but it really depends where your located. If your in Hawaii for example there is going to be a pretty big difference between a LA based server and a Chicago one.

Server timezone if anything is a useless metric, since as you mentioned it has no baring on were the server is actually located and affects nothing other than the ingame calendar, since all other events run of a Region-wide calendar that is based off of the pacific time zone.

it should also be mentioned that no other wow region has different time zones within the same region, even all the Russian servers are set to Paris time. The only Russians on the same timezone as the server are those who live in Kaliningrad and only during the summer months. Moscow time (The timezone for most Russian players) is 2 hours ahead of this and its even a bigger difference for eastern players. I think it would be easier if they just moved US servers to whatever timezone the data centre is located in like classic (LA servers to PST and Chicago servers to EST), or just make the whole region run off PST like it essentially already does.

I hope Exodar is linked. I have many alts there and its hard to sell things on the auction house.

Depends on how you define rare, I just see them as mobs with better than normal loot “rare quality”. Also, even if you define rare is “they aren’t always available” how do you further define rare? Quest mobs aren’t rare because they’ll always be up unless someone just killed them, how much time does it take for them to respawn after death? Say 5 minutes. Will a rare therefore be a mob that respawns 10 minutes after death? What about 20? Or 30? At what point does rare = rare by the definition of availability?

The questions to ask are “what’s low population” and “how do we define substantial” :slight_smile:

If a realm has 10 players on it and they connect it to a realm with 20 players I’d say that’s substantial, it was connected to a realm twice as large after all :smiley: Surely (hopefully) Blizz doesn’t follow that same reasoning so we just have to wonder, what’s substantial.

you need to join Argent Dawn-US to something. ANd Moon Guard to everything. Everyone from Drak Thul to Argent Dawn to Proudmoure, they go the Goldshire and see us proud Moon Guardians.

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every time i login Whisperwind always shows as high pop lol

it can’t be all bots and multi-boxers, can it? can it!? :wink:

It was one of the original 40 servers so i would hate to see the name change.

is there a list on what servers will be connected

Argent dawn US could definitely use some love.

Ooh, we got the 1 week notice I requested. (Even if I didn’t notice it until now. :grin:)

Thanks Kaivax!

Dont forget brazilian realms pls!!

I say just put us all on one server
Just have our character name be followed by all of our titles. That should make them unique enough.

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Somekind of mega server with massive layering.

  • need to add last names to character. this way EVERYONE keep their first name. Abigail Thompson?

please give earthen ring some love too that servers been dead for at least a decade

whisperwind is connected to Dentarg so thats why it show high

So for those of us that chose a low pop realm…? I suggest that free char moves be made available to anyone on these realms.
With the API being changed/broken so that sites like RealmPop can no longer function, it feels like Blizz is forcing us to play in a way we may not want to.

With servers like Cairne you do not need to worry. We have less than 50 people per class when I am on (evenings pacific time). Adding 300-400 people to a servers log ins is not going to change much-you are still going to be on a low-population realm. The only thing this impacts is possibly getting the AH to change from complete dead space to possibly having enough people that you can buy items for reasonable prices.


At about two in the morning last night, there were eleven characters in downtown Stormwind and NINE realms were represented including mine and Skywall. When people talked about CRZ, I thought it was just a few realms in a cluster.

There has to be a better way to do this. I am not a fan of the mega server idea but I am beginning to see why people are.

(P.S. Thank you the info :cookie: :cookie: :cookie:)