Realm Connections -- August 20

Proudmoore is the most populated wow realm according to realmpop. Hyjal is pretty high up there too.

There’s literally zero reason to merge us, not to mention as I said, they’ll be destroying the LGBT+ friendly community we’ve spent over a decade making.


Could we merge Kilrogg-Winterhoof with literally anyone? It’s impossible to sell stuff on our AH. How about merging Hyjal with us instead of Proudmoore?

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Can we get some clarification on specifically why Hyjal is merging with Proudmoore? Neither fit the “low-population realms” description.

Also, as mentioned, Proudmoore is a pretty specifically-built community.


probably faction balancing

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I just want to point out that it took literally 6 comments in this thread for someone to start being bigoted toward Proudmoore players. Do you really think they’re going to appreciate having a bunch more people suddenly merged into their community? I don’t even play there and I don’t like it. It was nice knowing that a friendly realm existed if I chose to go there someday.


Alright so if Hyjal is being connected to Proudmoore, does that mean we’re going to connect Sargeras or Frostmourne with a high pop horde server, or Thrall/Tich/ZJ with an ally server? Why?? I understand faction balancing, but of all the servers to choose, why Proudmoore? (for the reasons that have been already stated multiple times in this thread.)


There is no real reason to link Proudmoore and Hyjal. I understand wanting to do it for faction balance. All this is gonna do is break our economy that’s all ready broken. Also with sharding, its not like were gonna see them anyways. Honestly it will just be best to keep them separated since they are both hella high pop servers.
Plus it may break the LGBTQ+ community that proudmoore has worked on for years


People have been asking for the servers to be faction balanced. I argued it wasn’t necessary but no one else did. If something is a bad idea then say so when people ask, don’t just assume it isn’t going to affect you.

Both those servers are seriously one sided - the small number of alliance that is going to be added probably isn’t even going to be noticeable.




Connecting Hyjal and Proudmoore is an interesting choice, based on my AH data from last year that will make it the largest NA server or very close to the largest.


People on General Discussion, they may have actually asked in the original thread on this as well.

Very surprised to see Proudmoore being connected, considering Proudmoore already has a healthy population. I’m not against the merge exactly, but it just seems like a strange choice, considering there are dead realms (like my old one - Cenarion Circle/Sisters of Elune - please send help!) that could really benefit from some new life.


Since when was faction balance ever required for Proudmoore? It’s not like we need faction balance, we just shard when we use War Mode anyway. I can understand this if we were a PvP Server but those don’t exist anyway.

This is just going to ruin our economy and set the Pridemoore Community on fire.


I am very confused with the Hyjal + Proudmoore merge… Hyjal is a mid-high, and Proudmoore is a high-full. Both dominated by the opposite faction. Why not merge them with another server that is dominated by the same faction? Kinda screws people that like being on a server dominated by 1 faction. In my opinion if you are going to try to balance server factions you should start with realms with a much higher one sided population. Doesn’t affect me in any matter but just seems like it screws the people on Hyjal that like it being a horde dominant server because from what i see Proudmoore has almost double the alliance to Hyjal’s horde.


My question is on this-

" Furnace, Mannoroth, and Nazjatar realms will join the Azgalor, Azshara, and Destromath realms. "

Does this include Thunderlord, which is already connected to Azgalor, Azshara, and Destromath, and just was an oversight in the message, or is Thunderlord no longer going to be included with those realms?

I also am curious why high-to-full pop servers are being merged (Hyjal to Proudmoore) when the point was supposed to be fixing low population issues, but that has been more than adequately covered.


Please. There is no reason to merge Proudmoore. If you want to increase Horde population there are alternatives that you can do other than merging two high pop servers. When Shadowlands drops, the servers will be at an even worse chokehold.


If server faction balance is the goal there are many other servers that both Hyjal and Proudmoore could be paired with to make it closer to even. If this is the reason for the merge i think it is a bad choice for these 2 servers. Proudmoore’s alliance will still dominate in numbers and could potentially ruin a server like Hyjal’s horde community going from a horde dominate to being out numbered by almost double.


As GM of a long-time CE guild on Hyjal, this is terrible. Hyjal is a high-pop realm and doesn’t need to be connected to anybody, much less an Alliance mega-server like Proudmoore.

We on Hyjal gain ZERO benefit from this. We won’t be able to interact with the Proudmoores and the only thing is the conjoined auction houses, but we already have a large and healthy auction house.


I was thinking the same thing! This is a bad choice and doesn’t benefit either side imo.

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This goes beyond having a mega-server and creates a colosso-server on par with Area 52 and Illidan in population and almost as large as Stormrage, which is the largest server in the entire game.

Are we going to have login queues because of this, come Shadowlands?