Really Blizz, really?

Blizz: We have no keys this time round guys, beta needs to be applied to your account.
Also Blizz: hands out actual one time use beta keys to streamers (after having given them the ability to have beta applies to accounts) who can then hand out to whoever they want - sub for a beta key? donate for a beta key? fine.

Meh I signed up for beta when it was announced at Blizzcon. Still haven’t gotten in. Not interested at this point, so even if I would happen to get it I wouldn’t be playing it.

Leveling a rogue anyways to torture Horde with. 120 before tuesdays big day! Currently level 48.

I’m sorry. I couldn’t hear you over the beta.

Calm yourselves. It’s a joke. I’m actually at work. I’ll be in beta tonight. :grin:

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They also invited a lot of us that have been opted in forever.

I don’t understand your outrage.

As far as I’ve seen, streamers are calling them “keys” but they aren’t physical keys, and all they do is choose winners and let Blizzard know so that they can apply it to the winners’ accounts. I have yet to see proof of actual keys.

I thought the same thing. Looks like that changed on Aug 19.


What part dont you understand - they didnt have physical keys previoulsy now they do.

I got beta when I didn’t renew my sub…

You could of rolled a mech gnome if you waited!

Ah, thank you for the evidence. I hadn’t realized that changed, so I appreciate you explaining it in the way of a decent human being.

Cool, had no idea that changed and all I had was your word. I appreciate Duffle actually showing proof rather than raving.

Correction to my initial statement: Perhaps you’ll get lucky if you try with streamers, otherwise best of luck getting flagged in the coming waves.


I have recieved a beta key for almost every xpac. I know how they system works. Im outraged that they gave beta keys to streamers who can hand them out at their discretion.

Ignorance is bliss isnt it bud.

My opinion isnt that i didnt recieve a beta key, my issue is that they should just run a complete open beta at this point.

Oh no worries man. I was under the same assumption and didn’t know it changed either.

I get that man. I just wouldn’t let it upset you so much. I know we have an extremely negative view of “content creators” on GD but it’s not a terrible thing. It does create some hype. And since a lot of us that have been waiting in the wings got beta in the last couple of weeks to help test, I don’t see the problem.

So, no beef brother. Just trying to help.


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Open beta at this point would be 100% more beneficial than keys to streamers imo. I really want slands to launch in a great place.

Cool, Like I said it would not surprise me if they had moved onto a keys system now that pre-patch is imminent as scalping them should be far less rampant at this point.

Also…how do you know they were keys? You clearly did not win one so could it be that they were referenced as “keys” but were instead handled the other way?

Ah well, not worth haggling about at this point. I imagine open Beta is coming soon enough.

It’s also been a thing for…gosh, I don’t even know how long? At least as far back as Legion, and I would believe back to WoD. I know MoP had the buy in option for beta and that was a catastrophe, so that was the last time they offered an easy way to buy in into beta.

So it’s been quite a bit that streamers got keys, so this isn’t any different.

Blizz kept my streak alive. Every beta since Cata. :grin:

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They sort of did when everyone got beta access for preordering one of the expansions. Can’t remember which expansion it was. But it didn’t work out so well. They never did it again.

Thats because a beta test can’t be a beta test without a Gallows!!

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Hey! Someone has to bring the popcorn.

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MoP. People who got the Diablo III preorder or something got access to MoP’s beta, so it was an easy buy in. And it was a catastrophe. Blizzard never did it again, nor should they.

Edit: Gallows remembers better than I. I just remember it was MoP’s beta, haha.

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