<Reality Break> US Thrall [H] AOTC and CE teams

We are Reality Break. We have 2 teams recruiting for Dragon Flight. We are composed of new and old friends and many of us play games together outside of WoW. M+ most non-raid days.

Team 1- Mythic CE focus. Raids are Tuesday/Thursday 8:45-Midnight EST with a 3rd day on push weeks TBD Needs: This team is currently full but will consider trialing dps for bench/fill in roles on a case by case basis. Primary contact: Serl#1616 on discord.

Team 2- AOTC focus. Raid is Sunday 8:45-midnight EST Needs: Tank, dps with tank os for flex, lok, mage. All dps will be considered. Primary contact Liriya/Bellany: BellanyZimz#0791 Discord or Bellany#1567 Bnet.

To apply look for Realty Break on guilds of wow!

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Still looking for a home, could we be it? Let’s find out!

still accepting applicants.

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