Ready for BWL? Need some pieces from MC? Want a home for Questing, Dungeons?

Ready for BWL? Need some pieces from MC? Want a home for higher level Questing, Dungeons & Raids?

Or do you have a home, but need a raiding spot somewhere?![]

Please check out Order of Sanctus on Bloodsail Buccaneers. Originally a Vanilla Guild on Earthen Ring, we are a bunch of 30-40 somethings who want to play and have fun and just generally have fun and get loot! We are a community, not a dictatorship and we try to be fun, friendly and fair when it comes to how you spend your free time.

Guild Name: [ Order of Sanctus ]

Guild Type ** Progession Minded Guild but fun is the priority, people are our priority! /Times: Fri/Sat - 8:00 PM ST - 11:00- 11:30 PM ST

Contacts: Rayveniael, Emberthorne, Kalyska , Mandelin, Aegen, Denisefox ( or anyone online really can talk to you! )

Classes/Specs Recruiting : All Classes Considered (We are currently Full on Raiding Tanks and Mages & Priests)

Anyone is welcome to join, however! For Raiders, we may make an exception for couples if you are in a class we are not actively recruiting.

Current Progression : 1/1 Ony – 10/10 MC BWL 3/8

Loot System : Suicide Kings for Molten Core, Onyxia & BWL but separate

Recruitment Requirements ** Discord (listening, speaking a plus ) DBM , Breathing, being nice & fun, not easily offended by R rated commentary, expect Dad Jokes

Discord : HTTP s://discord .gg/76KrWEC ( check it out! )

Note: Order of Sanctus enjoys raiding, instancing and PVP but mostly good company! We are a very social guild. Everyone is helpful. I don’t think you could ask for better guildmates!

Our main goal at this time is to snag a few more dedicated raiders to our BWL Raid on Saturdays at 8:00 PM Server

If you have any questions please feel free to ask them here, or to message me in discord or in-game! Rayveniael#3732

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Bump! Looking for awesome people to join this fantastic group!


this guild is awesome! You should join!

plus i’m in it that should be incentive enough :wink:

Edit 4/29/2020* I take back everything I’ve said about this guild.


Really happy I joined this guild! Great group of people who make raid night very enjoyable.


To the Top!


I thought alliance was god tier…For the horde 8/8 bwl

Could use another lock, and possibly another healer.

Is this how you filter out Undead in disguise?