React: Policy Update for Input Broadcasting - May 2021

Cancel your sub. You correct my grammar yet you repeatedly misunderstand the point of my post. Unsub, I dont really care. Your just wrong about multiboxing being dead. Your type of multi-boxing is dead. Get over it.

That’s a lot of companies now days, the bean counters and salesmen take over and destroy literally everything.

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It’s like that scene in Goodfellas with the restaurant. Where you bilk and milk everything out of a place that you can, chasing quarterly profits, only to have to burn it down for the insurance money when nothing is left. TBC is about to be involved in a very unfortunate dumpster fire.


Havent seen it stated better yet.

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Dod the people using hardware keycloning really this this wasn’t going to happen eventually?


So let me get this straight.

People are playing with multiple accounts to multibox. They are paying multiple subscriptions every month.

You believe that after having the ability to multibox removed, they will then pay blizzard fees to transfer the characters which they can no longer multibox, to one account.

You believe that blizzard will profit from this, instead of… continuing to receive multiple accounts worth of subscription. You honestly believe that characters built for multiboxing, which are now useless for that purpose, which they already have one of on each account, are characters that person is willing to pay money to transfer back to their account.

I just want to make sure I got your position right.


Sure does look that way, like 98% chance to flop due to Blizzard killing it actively like this.

Do I believe they will be disgruntled? Yes.
Do I believe that many will want to move their characters over for raiding opportunities, pride, or whatever other reasons despite being disgruntled? Also, yes.
Will everyone? No.

And in response to the second part, I never said it was a good idea… But blizzard has not always had the best history with good ideas… There is pressure on them to remove automation and bots…
This is surely an attempt to appease the majority of the playerbase (who do not multibox) over the very slim minority (who do)…

But rather than just leave them high and dry, I would wager this is something they will offer in an attempt to appease some of them and generate additional revenue streams… Any chance they have I see them doing this and giving reasons such as authenticity or so friends can immediately join in… all behind a pricetag.

I personally believe a better business decision for the long-haul rather than quarterly numbers would have been to improve the projection of subscriptions as opposed to try to entice the whales with cash shops… WoW is one of the most monetized games out there.
Most games monetize based on one of three very popular models:
Buy in - initial money is spent to purchase the game but then it is free to play
Subscription - pay per month to enjoy access to the game
Cash shop - in game services, aesthetic or augmenting are offered for purchase in a cash shop.

WoW uses all 3 and blends them together in ways to entice purchase of multiple methods from its users.
I am not faulting the company but it is clear where they are coming from and all they are interested in…

You are welcome to infer whatever you like… I stand by what I said. I did not claim it was a wise choice.

I still wish blizzard had opted for the long-haul “build a better game and sustain strong income” model long ago as opposed to the “release shiny new content in waves to spike subs and cash shop purchases before the next ‘lul’ in the revenue stream” kinda model.

I love how everything that happens comes back around to crying about a stupid cash shop mount again on the forums. You guys are a riot.


Then you’re a fool. Multiboxers have no need to move the character over because… they multiboxed it. They already have that character on their main account, with like one letter of the name different. The third multiboxed character is not different than the first, or second, to any large degree.

If I multiboxed 4 shaman, then I have a roughly evenly geared shaman on 4 different accounts. There’s no benefit to paying to transfer the other 3 over. I already got 1.

Also, it’s hilarious that you act all high and mighty about cash shop transactions, but are acting like multiboxers should be protected, despite it being much more pay to win (especially with how tagging and nodes work in retail).

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You’re assuming that people only multibox the same class across each account.

That assumption is false.

And you’re assuming that because I listed the most common example, you can poke holes in my argument.

Let’s just pretend I said “But of course, there are obvious exceptions”. After every sentence. That way I can address your next five complaints ahead of time.

By and large, there is no value in transferring multiboxed characters off the account. Very few people will have reason or inclination to do so.

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Lol, probably. Reminds me of all the people crying when Blizzard fixed AV. “Blizzard hates the alliance!”

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Okay, I take back what I said about you inferring what you like… You are pretty bad at it.

I do not multibox. I feel like it ruins the intent of the game in which you should rely on your skill and not how deep your wallet is.

I am grateful for the change. I feel like blizzard may only be doing it to courier favor with the majority playerbase who oppose automation, bots, and multiboxes but whatever…
That said, blizzard will want to do something to try to protect the financial investment of those “whales” who are willing to pay for 5+ accounts or what not, these are sustained from a playerbase who obviously has the disposable income which could be used on cash-shops or wherever else…

Protect the multiboxers… that thought is laughable.

Character transfers is already a service that is scripted and been done before - not usually on any kind of massive scale other than character realm transfers…

However; and you are welcome to correct me if I am wrong, but:

Very few $ is > no $ - amirite?

Anyway, feel free to argue amongst yourselves, I made this thread to point out an observation and call attention to a little irony… Some people get up in arms and that is fine… Have fun!

How did you get all that from Kaivax’s post? This is why people don’t take complainers seriously. lol

Also, a link to the source in case anyone is interested:

Sorry, I thought I named this topic “React” not “Extrapolate”
My reaction is pretty plain. I don’t particularly care as I am not a fan of multiboxing… But I would wager that blizzard will try to offer some kind of incentive for their multiboxers… Will it please everyone, or even most? Doubtful since the automated practice basically just got banned… Then again, how likely is Blizzard to enforce these Terms of Service? I dunno.

Point is, while I don’t really care, I wanted to share my opinion/reaction and before the uproar from multiboxers (if there is such a thing considering how few they are compared to the rest of the playerbase) I wanted to let them know that this is probably not entirely the last of it.

I have two accounts, and all the classes are split between them. I have 8 60s, one of each class, 4 on each account. I multiboxed the entire expansion this way because it allowed really OP combinations (warrior shaman in particular). I’d rather not pay for the second account, and I’d rather not pay to boost.

So…yeah. I’d be in the market for a service such as this. A service, by the way, that already exists for retail and it’s FREE. People do it all the time. It just doesn’t exist for classic–yet.

Always hilarious when someone who doesn’t know what he’s talking in pops off and makes himself look like a complete idiot.

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Hi, you must be the idiot. I suggest reading before you respond next time.

You still here? Good lord.

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