Reaching out to <Clarity> on Barthilas to buy our original guild name! 250k gold

Hey, im reaching out to Stern the GM from Clarity - we’re the original clarity and have had this guild around since WoTLK/ Cataclysm. we have been the only Clarity on Oceanic since these expansions. We would greatly appreciate if we could somehow pay 250k gold to buy our original guild name!

Kind regards, Wras.

Please give our name back :frowning:

Please!! 250k gold

Looking at their armoury, I doubt they’re going to give you the name. That guild was founded in '07.

Yea I seen that, which is unfortunate :frowning:

Also 250k isn’t much gold at all. Given they’re doing reasonably early mythic prog they’re probably selling boe’s for more than that.