RE: Reaping and M+ trash


In motherload alone we have 3 skips, in shrine of storms there also 3 skips in temple of sneks there are 2 skips, atal there is only really 1skip but the fact remains actually killing the skipped mobs will be a HUGE increase in time required to complete dungeon in time. Motherload for example wee sit about 60% trash completed before we even pull the 1st boss so we can skip the god awful trash leading up to the 3rd and 4th boss.


Motherload is a bad example, as has been stated many times already, because the developers have openly stated they made a mistake and put too much trash in there.

Shrine of storms is a perfect example of what they seem to be trying to adjust. Every miniboss gets religiously skipped because the time required to kill it just isn’t worth it, so it’s not optimal. My last high shrine key we did 2 shrouds, a sneaky jump skip, a death skip, and a vanish skip. That’s just ridiculous. One way to make it more optimal to not do all of them is exactly what they’re doing - require more trash percentage. They’re also going to make the much-skipped minibosses worth more. I hope some of these dungeons will also get extra time to complete, and I think they will, though they are timeable without doing skips.

Is this the ideal of how I’d like to see the dungeons end up? God no. But it’s unquestionably better than where we’re right now, at least for my playstyle.

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Honestly reaping is very easy, stack the group with strong cleave and they will melt. Letting reaping occur during a boss pull should be a good indicator of that


Kings rest is the best example of how they want you to kill 110% because without a rogue or potion you are required to go over the 100%.


you know what that means

player solution to this problem: remove some trash in the standard dungeon path

blizzard solution to this problem: just shift the number 110% down to 100%